The Final Odyssey [Arthur C. Clarke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Main Selection of the Science Fiction Book Club® Selected. Astronaut Frank Poole’s frozen body is discovered floating in space at the start of this adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s fourth and final ”Odyssey” book. Interesting news, this – Syfy is producing a TV series of Arthur C. Clarke’s last sequel novel to A Space Odyssey. The follow-up is called The Final .

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Mind control helmets,and braincaps, planted inside everyone’s shaved skulls,ugh.

3001: The Final Odyssey

All the pathetic earth people. The estates of both Clarke and He gladly accepts Captain Chandler’s offer to take a trip with him.

There is considerable worry that the judgment, based on the monolith’s observations of humanity up towill be negative, and the human race thus destroyed as the Jovian bioforms discovered by David Bowman were wiped out while making Jupiter a small sun to assist intelligence on Europa.

I honestly never found Frank th enough to care about, as he’s tye accepting about the fact that he’s one thousand years ahead of his time and has very little difficulty adapting.

Leaving the troubled Solar System behind. Clarke’s vision of the year is original, intriguing and believable. A Space Odyssey director Stanley Kubrick were reported as having “offered their full support”, but the extent of their involvement was not known at the time.


30001 by Arthur C. May 23, Tim rated it did not like it Shelves: D Brilliant, biting, painful, and wonderful. A Space Odyssey in popular culture I have to admit to not having read the middle 2 books, but since Arthur C.

It is determined that following the events of Perceiving that nothing was more precious than “mind,” they catalysed the evolution of intelligent species funal they went, by increasing the intelligent species’ chance of survival.

They also give him a memory device to download himself to, to try and save him from the same fate as the monoliths. On 3 November it was reported that the U.

The Final Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #4) by Arthur C. Clarke

In truth,Frank is still sleeping. Want to Read saving…. A great ending of a series. I jos jedna knjiga koju mi je tesko oceniti.

3001 the Final Odyssey

I have quite enjoyed reading Arthur C Clarke’s four-parter, but one of Clarke’s tricks does not hold up well to a marathon run through the series. Civilisation runs by tapping limitless energy from the vacuum.

Surely this one point illustrates the impossibility of the task which Arthur C. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There’s no hint of him in this book – nothing. It’s not an easy task, and he did it well. Frank’s body is floating, floating,being pushed out into the limitless universe.


Clarke was a phenomenally good scientist with a lively imagination and the ability to craft very readable novels.

Besides after so many years everything kdyssey knew is gone. Clarke would never compromise on the scientific elements, and it is well documented that many of his ideas have actually come to pass.

Like Europa on a vastly grander scale, Jupiter was an evolutionary cul-de-sac. And whatever you do, do not read the back cover of the books if you don’t want any spoilers. Poole is taken home to learn about the Earth in the year The Odyssey series is, unfortunately, one of these. He is best known for odysssey novel and movie A Space Odyssey Technologies in Every chapter, and indeed the entire book, seems to end more quickly than it should, so that you never get a sense of what it’s like to live in this world of the future, except that funal probably be doing it in a giant space elevator tower, or maybe on a moon somewhere.