nnwiki A Deepness In the Sky; nowiki A Deepness in the Sky; plwiki Otchłań w niebie; rowiki Adâncurile cerului; ruwiki Глубина в небе; ukwiki Глибина у небі. A Deepness in the Sky has ratings and reviews. Matt said: In the ‘The Sixth Sense’, the character Malcolm tries to tell a story. Unfortunately. Adancurile Cerului. Editura: Nemira. Anul aparitiei: Continuarea aventurii incepute cu Foc in adanc. Castigator al premiilor Hugo, Campbell Memorial.

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I don’t ceruliu if we’ll be Qeng Ho, or Emergents, or something completely different. At 28 hours, this audiobook became a chore about halfway through, and I mainly forced myself to finish it because I wanted to be able to write a review of cerjlui as a Hugo winner long on my TBR list.

But first, both groups must wait at the aliens’ very doorstep for their strange star to relight and for their planet to reawaken, as it does every two hundred and fifty years Or, maybe, two marriages. A Deepness in the Sky 14 38 Mar 27, The virtues of the genre lie elsewhere, and its aficionados rightly don’t give a toss for adancurole traditional literary ones.

I don’t think I’d want that in my movie. When a new alien species is discovered on a planet orbiting an oscillating On-Off star, they immediately see this as an opportunity for potential new scientific discoveries, i. Instead, we find the spiders living in a cerukui carbon copy of 20th-century Earth. I give my highest recommendation for both this book and A Fire Upon the Deep.

It rang so false for me that she wouldn’t be more deeply affected by losing aadancurile of her life as Nau’s plaything. It was a little like the midden out back of his father’s castle… There were programs here written five thousand years ago, before Humankind ever left Earth. I know much of what we read with the spiders is supposed to be coming at us th I understand the appeal of this book.

Vinge does something really clever with how he writes the Spiders. The plot moves at a slow, steady burn, so it never seems to drag, or at least it didn’t to me.


View all 10 comments. Points for pretty epic scale. Vinge hits this atmosphere perfectly. But this crime may be a bit beyond Smith’s expertise. Yet another novel concept is the duration of space flights. To see what your crrului thought of this book, please sign up.

A Deepness in the Sky – Wikidata

The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge. The ‘Spiders’ are undergoing a scientific revolution with all the revolutionary cultural changes that adancurie with it. And that’s ultimately what great books do: The book never once drags in its pages, and I was left at the end wanting more. Even or especially poor Qiwi, who ultimately only got hers at the end by a combination of luck and Ezr Vinh’s urging.

A brilliant adancuriile, Sherkaner Underhill, spurs a scientific renaissance that culminates in the Spiders staying awake through the Dark. This is represented well here by Tomas Nau, the Emergent Podmaster, in control of hi This is a fantastic story. The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon–the “bobble,” a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind.

A Deepness in the Sky

Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer present an immense, authoritative anthology that maps the development and modern-day resurgence of this form, argues for its special virtues and present preeminence-and entertains us with some spectacular storytelling along the way. Human lifetimes have been extended to ceerului few hundred years, but the interstellar travelers featured in this story use suspended animation to stretch those years across millennia.

The increased complexity is understandable — this book is in the 97th percentile for word countso we’re talking very long for a science fiction book. Or they all could be, and you never know which ones will make it through. Overall it hurts the story and should have, IMO, been split into 2 titles the human and spider perspective or editorially streamlined by removing some of the character backstory and have them turned into novellas of their own.

When somebody is murdered, it’s obvious someone has a secret he or she is willing to kill to preserve. There is adzncurile warp drive, and humans spend hundreds of years in “coldsleep,” waiting for their ships to reach their destination; hoping that their pod won’t fail, and hoping that when they wake up there will still be a ship to wake up to.

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Equally incompetent are the handling of an early, mandatory scene in which the bad guys are revealed to be sadistic perverts, and various other scenes of violence, cruelty or complex action — frankly, the author is too squeamish to write them properly, and he shouldn’t even have tried. That doesn’t even merit being on the short-list in the first place.

Carti vernor vinge

The prime suspects are a band of marauding orcs with a dragon in tow for fire support. Steven This isn’t a sequel and is barely a prequel. Fire Upon the Deep. The last two hundred pages could have easily stretched to be double that, and I think that I would have felt more satisfied with the conclusion had it had a little more detail to it. Vinge does not rely much on hand-wavium to make his technology and plots work.

Heartily recommended to anyone who can get over the spaceships and the aliens to enjoy a good story. But in retrospect, a lot of the personal histories, while interesting at the time, seemed to have no relevance later on. Vernor Vinge Rainbows End Editura: I would just skip the first one for sure if you think you might be interested in this one.

Mostly, that had to do with the characters, which were much better than the characters in the previous book. The narrative often feels obscure, as if entire sentences have been accidentally omitted. This book tells the story of one such discovery as two clashing cultures rush to investigate and exploit the denizens of a remote and very unusual solar system.

Fleeing the threat, a family of scientists, including two children, are taken captive by the Tines, an alien race with a harsh medieval culture, and used as pawns in a ruthless power struggle. Feb 28, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it. I especially liked Sherkaner Underhill; he’s probably the reason I kept going at the beginning. Or, maybe, it’s an alien artifact.