Pt cei ce vor sa stie ce inseamna sa iubesti cu adevarat un suflet de FEMEIE.. dar si pt cele care vor sa stie cum sufletul unui BARBAT trebuie sa fie si sa se. Despite this, with time, Coelho decided to open up the possibility. alchimistul de paulo coelho By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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I am an extremely introspective person and I am constantly evaluating and re-evaluating my person; sometimes for the better, sometimes out of necessity. Still, irony and a love of absurdity hovered around me as I searched for the true meaning in this book, and why it appears to offer a powerful message to so many. Throughout my life I have periodically reflected to I simply could not finish this book. During this experience Paulo Coelho launched his blog Walking the Path – The Pilgrimage in order to share with his readers his impressions.

Let’s call it a feel-good homily. But how do you even know it is bad? Just like the book, his intention is really good, but the ham-fisted delivery, full of unrealistic and impractical advice, is just painful.

It is like sensing an invisible flow and falling into its rhythm with an extra-sensory ability though I do not believe this ability exists, but rather that the seer is getting information from their guides, fallen angels. The problem I had with The Alchemist is that instead of feeling reinforced and validated, I felt uncomfortable and nagged.

I got halfway through it only to wind up on goodreads. I wasn’t invested in the character at all, I didn’t care if he got to find the treasure or not, I didn’t care at all. I was angry with the outright preaching. I feel it in my fingers. View all 59 comments. My heart tugged on my sleeve. The basic idea is that if you really want something and “listen to your heart”, the whole universe will help you achieve it if you only look for omens.

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I’ve started this book with huge expectations, you see, some time ago this book was everywhere, you can still see some quotes on facebook and it intrigued me. Honestly, i struggle to see what anyone sees in it. During the Cannes Film FestivalHarvey Weinstein announced that he had bought the rights to alcihmistul film and would serve as its producer.

Easy for him to follow his dreams, as he has no family to take care of, no rent to pay, no one to be accountable to. Oh, don’t tell me, your sixth sense Go read a book of Hasidic tales collected by Martin Buber, a book of Sufi stories collected by Idries Shah, or a book of parables and sayings by Anthony de Mello instead.

It’s too much like punching yourself in the bollocks. It felt more like a really hackneyed self-help book to me.

The problem with this codlho is not just that it’s bad, which it certainly is, but that there are so many people out there who want to corner you at parties and tell you how it’s totally changed their lives. Books by Paulo Coelho.

I understand he just wants me to listen to my heart, go after my dreams and do things I am really passionate about. It isn’t about hippies! Alas, it’s still crap.

Well, I want that week of my life re yes, a week; I ended up avoiding that thing.


As this book is to be taken seriously, I beg to accept my apology if my questions sound like sarcasm. My heart and I chatted, and we agreed, this book was short.

Please do not read this book if you are in danger of thinking too rationally. Where did the saying come from: I once coslho a book that inspired me to change my whole attitude towards reading. You mean you don’t even know what the book is about? And the story isn’t even worth it – basically it takes over pages to tell you what destiny is. I was frustrated at the cheesiness of celho terms.


Suffice it so say that this is a good example of portentous writing that is best avoided if your benchmark is quality literature. View all 33 alchhimistul.

It’s initial message of ‘follow your passion’ is soon altered to ‘the story of your ve is written by the same hand who wrote the story of the world’ and then to ‘the heart of alchemy is the Soul of the World [sic] which all should strive to join. Essentially, boy thinks he’s happy in life. To explain my aversion to the third nail in the coffin of stolen redundancy, I will tell you story.

Finally, alchimidtul myself through the last chapters. I have a small collection of fortunes from fortune cookies. Just read the blurb, you ass [ When he begins digging within sight of the pyramids, he is robbed but learns accidentally from the leader of the thieves that the treasure he seeks was all the time in the ruined church where he had his original dream. All of nature conspires to bring you luck and good fortune so that you can fulfill your destiny, whether it’s to be a shepherd on a quest for treasure at the pyramids, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, or, one would assume, a prostitute, drug dealer, or porn star.

That said, I didn’t hate it. I could find no typos, which are always a portent of doom. But I am convinced the damage done by books like this–like The SecretThe Celestine Prophecyand anything ever written by the late Dr.

Ok, look, I’ll make you a deal. And what does he learn?

I got so bored with it all that I just snarkily mocked it.