Ameritopia has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: I fully realize that many will look at this book and immediately decide they don’t. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Blend of America + utopia. Popularized by Mark R . Levin’s book Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. Ameritopia by Mark R. Levin – In his acclaimed #1 New York Times bestseller, Mark R. Levin explores the psychology, motivations, and history of the utopian.

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But I have been familiar with ameriyopia for some time because my mother listened to him. This is true of Plato, More and Hobbes in their openly utopian models, but it also turns out to be the reality of every socialist experiment even when the advocates maeritopia that their socialism is utopian or that their leaders are a permanent feature of their scheme. Consequently, More 19s English is relatively difficult to understand while Locke 19s is comparatively easier but still quaint amerifopia the modern eye and ear, and the difficulty of reading Hobbes 19 English falls in between those two.

Yet some libertarians distrust all the precedents of social relations, including the Constitution in the American setting; they reject all the laws that promote social relations in the present generation because they personally never voted for them. These are tyranny’s disguise. All in all a great book and should be required reading.

Jan 29, Kim rated it it was amazing. It gets to be annoying after a while, ameritoia thankfully there weren’t many of these.

It is the people, after all, around whom the civil society has grown and governmental institutions have been established. However, each of these influential thinkers and philosophers invented or imagined Utopian societies with several common features to those imagined by Lois Lowry, Susanne Collins and George Orwell.

The number of criminal offenses is not actually known, but probably numbers in the tens of thousands. Levin gives an in depth look into the influence of John Locke and Baron Von Montesquieu on the founders and how that influence created a government based on laws and a correct understanding on man and God.


Permission is hereby amegitopia to excerpt up to words, providing that the excerpt is accompanied by proper credit to the author and a link to the full article at the website of TOS.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

By exploiting human frailties, frustrations, jealousies, and inequities, a sense of meaning and self-worth is created in the malcontent’s otherwise unhappy and directionless life. Utopia was a fictional island nation that featured plentiful goods to meet the needs of its people, every person except rulers being the same, houses all the same, everyone dressing the same, each family having a trade, to change trades ameritoia had to change families, farm harvest by compelling laborers from the cities, every city alike, no private property, no money, no poverty, 6 hour work day, each family with between 10 and 16 children, everything produced turned over to a central warehouse where each family takes only what they need, sick cared for in wonderful hospitals, but the chronically ill encouraged to commit suicide.

He’s a passionate writer but this text isn’t meant for anything more than an extension of talk radio. Mark Levin chronicles the erosion of American liberties over a century of incremental inroads that have been creeping into our government This country has to be fixed via dialogue where we convince our deluded Liberal Utopians that their schemes are unworkable even if their inte Mark is a very intelligent and educated man.

Anyone who considers themselves an Ameriopia, in the original, Constitutional meaning of that label, should read this book.

Ameritopia | Book by Mark R. Levin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

When your book is endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner on your hands. I know I would not want to debate him.

The Unmaking of Americaby Mark Ammeritopia. For permission to reproduce longer excerpts, contact the editor at editor theobjectivestandard. Levin is, of course, on the side of individual sovereignty, and hi Mr. By dominating the individual’s property, the utopian dominates the individual’s labor, by dominating the individual’s labor, he dominates the individual.


This book, unless you are an elitist who believes that our Constitution should be subverted, will turn your stomach. Get your free lesson today! Log in or Subscribe Get Full Access Just an amazing and informative book, but don’t think this another political book that will expire on the next election.

We grew up in a world of entitlement programs–Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid–and because we were raised with these programs we tend not to question them. Return to Book Page. But as others have said before, once you let the people vote themselves free pie, they ain’t giving up their free slices. He currently practices law in the private sector, heading up the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation in Washington DC. Moreover, disparaging and diminishing the successful and accomplished becomes an essential tactic.

Despite these shortcomings, Levin explains the origins and motives of the Progressive political movement and makes a convincing case about why it has severely weakened the U. In this regard, it is interesting that President Franklin Roosevelt, having created a vast number of bureaucracies, eventually made an attempt to bring back under his own control some of the power he had earlier ceded to them.

Can the people overcome the constant and relentless influences of ideological indoctrination, economic manipulation, and administrative coerciveness, or have they become hopelessly entangled in and dependent on a ubiquitous federal government? He sounds a bit like a curmudgeon, but he’s brilliant and never comes to the table without being fully loaded for bear.

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