1 Jan This Recommended Practice (RP) focuses on the design and implementation of displays used for the display, monitoring, and control of. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FIRST EDITION [4] API Recommended Practice , Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays. [5] API. 20 May API RP Recommended Practice for Pipeline. Scada Displays. • API RP Alarm Management. • API RP Pipeline Control Room.

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API RP 1165 Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays

However, other characteristics could be considered, such as line fill to display the level in a tank. However, navigation to a main map or menu should always be accessible to the controller in the event they need to start from scratch.

This technology has been proven to be cost effective, scalable, and easily upgraded as needs change. Use of alternating colors, where blue-yellow-blue means one thing and yellow-blue-yellow means something else, would not be a good coding technique.

The total list of attributes for which codes need to be developed should be set forth before deciding on coding options. Returns — All returns must be pre-approved by calling the IHS 11165 Service Department at for information and assistance. Changes to lettering size, font, color, capitalization, shading, or underscoring to get attention are confusing, unnecessary, and make displays difficult to read.

The same qualities which make color useful can result in unintended confusion or distraction if over used or inconsistently pai. Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

Control Room Management Best Practices | Pipeline & Gas Journal

Examples of navigation techniques include, but are not limited to, menus, button bars, hot spots, and navigation buttons.

Other factors to be considered when formatting text include the following: Information that might be displayed for each batch include the product, batch ID, gravity, volume, mile post, number of barrels to the end of the section, and estimated time of arrival ETA to the end of the section.

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For example, a valve may be selected first and then an open button is selected to issue an open command to the valve. API does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that such products do in fact conform to the applicable API standard.

API RP Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays – PDF Free Download

Large monitors with the capability of displaying high-resolution images are common practice. All displays should use the same technique for each data attribute where feasible. Standardized list of abbreviations and acronyms could be created and available for online user reference.

For symbol recommendations, each page shows the symbol in pr valid orientations at the top of the page.

Neither should anything contained in the publication be construed as insuring anyone against liability for infringement of letters patent. The abbreviations should be consistent in form—short, meaningful, distinct, and not include punctuation. The opposite of client server architecture is the situation where a central powerful computer does all the 116, feeding the results to dumb terminals which do little more than communicate requests and feed back the results processed centrally.

The placement of the label should be consistent with respect to the symbol or text it is labeling, and should have enough separation to be easily discriminated from surrounding fields.

Documenting operator interface standards early in the design phase ensures consistency. Pipeline design for water engineers. Making the right choices with menus. Percentages for hourly, daily, and monthly up time are illustrated, along with the Remote address and the last scan time. It is also common practice to require two mouse clicks on a control pop-up display to execute a command. The goal is to design systems so end users can avoid frustration, make few mistakes, and experience an increase in productivity.

Examples include variable size bars for analog readings of tank levels and batch tracking. A sub display, that temporarily overlays the viewing area, used to provide additional details related to the current display. The information displayed in these summary displays typically includes the point name, remote, description, current state or value and other pertinent information for each point type. Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction pp.


Only associated pop-up control windows, layers, and overlays would be allowed to open for a given parent window and remain open until closed or the parent window is closed.

As with objects, it is a common practice to use more than one technique to display a data attribute, such as combining a character with a color scheme. Projection systems in control rooms are typically overhead projectors that present the image on a wall mounted monitor and are driven by one of the controller console computers.

Control Room Management Best Practices

Summaries also typically include statistics showing recent performance e. Table 1—Four Level Display Hierarchy Level Display Type Features This display is a qualitative overview of all the pipelines operated, assuming more than one pipeline is being monitored by the same Controller Console.

There are many variations on the layout and labeling of keys.

Typically, trend displays use the X-Axis 11165 display time, and the Y-Axis to display data values. If the point is normal, but has abnormal data attributes, the normal 11165 becomes visible. The API Cybernetics Subcommittee monitors the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control to provide education and recommended practices to the pipeline industry for monitoring and operating pipelines from a remote location.

These displays typically provide additional detail not provided on the summary display. Filtering is typically not provided on the unacknowledged alarm display to minimize the risk of missing an alarm. An accepted practice is to use a combination of colors, 11655 and text coding. The grid below then illustrates the device in typical valid states and typical data attribute combinations. The controller may access these events to review activities that have occurred.

Button Bars are used to place fixed links between a series of displays or to provide links to submenus.