Superseded by: API RP Check Published. Price: NOK 2 ,00 (excl. VAT) NOK 2 ,25 (with VAT). Scope: This recommended practice summarizes the. practice (RP) , “Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures in temperature and pressures should follow API RP guideline. Abstract This paper will present an eye-opening look at some of the historic data and letters of correspondence that are the historical basis of the API RP

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This week, we’d like to provide the reader with a few helpful resources that deal with the topic of HTHA. Partner Content InVista is a lightweight, hand-held ultrasonic in-line inspection tool intelligent pig capable of detecting pipeline wall loss and corrosion in unpiggable or difficult-to-inspect pipelines.

They are widely used in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries for managing equipment in HTHA service and are available in the public domain.

The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you will be alerted by email.

Case Studies Learn from the experience of others in the industry. Company Directory Find relevant products, services, and technologies. NOK 2 ,00 excl. The following references are from the American Petroleum Institute. This product can only be purchased electronically by customers who have a web subscription agreement.

Statistics Events Certifications Directories. If you need to be able to add standards to the monitoring service, you must register as a user with your own username and password. The guidelines in this recommended practice can also be applied to hydrogenation plants such as those that manufacture ammonia, methanol, edible oils, and higher alcohols. Online Webinar Hosted By: Acronyms Commonly used asset integrity management and inspection acronyms.

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For more information about such agreements, or product availability as hardcopy, please contact us by phone 67 83 87 00 or email salg standard.

API RP – Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures

Event Calendar Find upcoming conferences, training sessions, online events, and more. Last week we mentioned three important tips to consider when addressing high temperature hydrogen attack HTHA.

Inspections will be carried out on a carbon steel pressure vessel — operated aapi a regime calculated to induce accelerated Apl — and designed to simulate the real world operations and challenges associated with detecting this phenomenon. The effects on the resistance of steels to hydrogen at elevated temperature and pressure that result from high stress, heat treating, chemical composition, and cladding are discussed. This article provides some background on HTHA, discusses some current developments zpi HTHA inspection and mitigation, and describes how one Refiner is instituting an HTHA risk management plan for its refineries and the challenges and pitfalls they have encountered.

Techstreet standards in subscription. Please login or create an account to recommend modifications to this Integripedia definition.

Overview of API RP 941 – Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack HTHA is a long known and still occurring degradation issue for fixed equipment construction materials in the hydrocarbon process industry where hydroprocess plants hydrogen plus hydrocarbons are in service. Hydrogenation plants can include any in which the manufacturing of ammonia, methanol, edible oils, or higher alcohols takes place.

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You can help by contributing to it. The benefits of a subscription: American Petroleum Institute Dates: High Temperature Hydrogen Attack HTHA is a complex damage mechanism that continues to defy investigators trying to make predictions on the anticipated degree of damage or service life. Sometimes HTHA is confused with low temperature hydrogen cracking mechanisms that result from hydrogen being driven into steels by aqueous corrosion reactions.

API | Carbon Steel Degradation in High Temperature Hydrogen Service

A summary of inspection methods to evaluate equipment for the presence of HTHA is also included. Is this definition incomplete? The first edition of the recommended practice was originally published in Januaryand the most recent release is the eighth edition, published in February Read more about subscriptions.

Banff, Alberta, Canada Hosted By: 9941 Intelligence Reports Download brief primers on various asset integrity management topics. Energy Tomorrow Blog 91.

November 13, – November 14, Conferences.

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