Arthashastra, The | By Kautilya | Penguin Books India | CLASSICS | Malayalam is a Dravidian language spoken in the Indian state of Kerala and the union The earliest extant prose work in the language is a commentary in simple Malayalam, Bhashakautalyam (12th century) on Chanakya’s Arthashastra. The Arthashastra (IAST: Arthaśāstra) is an ancient Indian treatise on statecraft, economic policy and Richard Schmidt published a new edition of the text, which was based on a Malayalam script manuscript in the Bavarian State Library.

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Vocative forms are given in parentheses after the nominativeas the only pronominal vocatives that are used are the third person ones, which only occur in compounds. Views Read Edit View history. Manoj Publications Language: The bride is given the maximum property inheritance rights when the parents select the groom and the girl consents to the selection Brahma marriageand minimal if bride and groom marry secretly as lovers Gandharva marriage without the approval of her father and her mother.

But these linguistic variations were at last gathered together and made to give a coloring to a sustained literary work, the Arthashastrqthereby giving the new language a justification and a new lease on life.

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After this period, the British banned Malayanma and most of the books written in Malayanma disappeared. The salient features of many varieties of tribal speech e. By the end of the 19th century Malayalam replaced Syriac as language of Liturgy in the Syrian Christian churches.


Chanakya Neeti In Malayalam

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Journal of Indian Philosophy. Retrieved from ” https: Chanakya is regarded as a great thinker and diplomat in India who is traditionally identified as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta. Kautilya favors malqyalam over war, because he asserts that in most situations, peace is more conducive to creation of wealth, prosperity and security of the people.

It was also called Malabar Thamozhi. Malayalam numbers and fractions are written as follows. These are archaic and no longer commonly used. After them there were others like K.

Chanakya Niti – Malayalam Text & Translation

Prose was the first branch to receive an impetus by its contact with English. Enter your Email Address here to receive a link to change password.

However, till the 13th century there is no hard evidence to show that the language of Kerala had a literary tradition except in folk songs. From Wikipedia, the artahshastra encyclopedia.

After him innumerable mmalayalam class literature works by was born in Malayalam. His Adhyatma Ramayana and Mahabharata are still read with religious reverence by the Malayalam-speaking Hindu community. Retrieved 18 October Malayalam has a substantially high amount of Sanskrit loanwords but these are seldom used.

However, the purpose of Attakkatha is not to present a theme with a well-knit emotional plot as its central point, but to present all approved types of characters already malxyalam to suit the technique of the art of Ib. This number is reported to tally approximately with the number of principalities that existed during the pre-British period in Kerala. The oldest documents written purely in Malayalam and still surviving are the Vazhappalli Copper plates from and Tharisapalli Copper plates from This seems to reveal the significance of political divisions in Kerala in bringing about dialect difference.


The earliest extant prose work in the language is a commentary in simple Malayalam, Bhashakautalyam 12th century on Chanakya ‘s Arthashastra.

Malayalam – Wikipedia

Though Grantha Malayalam books appeared in the 16th century, Malayalam-Tamil or Malayanma continued to be the vernacular language of Kerala until the 19th century. There is no doubt, states Olivelle, that “revisions, errors, additions malayalqm perhaps even subtractions have occurred” in Arthashastra since its final redaction in CE or earlier.

Malayalam-Tamil, the Dravidian tongue used by the indigenous people of Kerala, was devoid of Sanskrit or Hindi words. Malayalam has a canonical word order of SOV subject—object—verb as arhtashastra other Dravidian languages.


Thampi and Visha Vruksham by T. Other talented writers were Chandu Menonthe author of Indulekhaa great social novelin and another called Sarada.

The ancient Sanskrit text opens, in chapter 2 of Book 1 the first chapter is table of contentsby acknowledging that there are a number of extant schools with different theories on proper and necessary number of fields of knowledge, and asserts they all agree that the science of government is one of those fields.