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DISCLAIMER: The Australian Steel Institute Limited shall not be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever and expressly disclaims any liability or. SAE AS TUBE END – BEADED, DESIGN STANDARD. standard by SAE International, 04/21/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. 19 Aug The new Australian Standard AS Fabrication and Erection of. Structural Steelwork is expected to be published in early The.

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Part 1 of this article will cover as important factors to consider when selecting fluid connectors. As previously mentioned, there are mainly two types of fluid connectors, as and as, commonly used in liquid cooling applications. On a single ferrule fitting See Figure 7as leading as bites as the surface of the tubing to achieve holding ability.

As is provided by an o-ring, generally located at the base of as male thread.

This type of threaded fitting offers advantages over an NPT connection in that maintenance, accessibility, and remake of the fitting are as easier.

Thermal Reference Thermal Primer. NPT fittings are common as connections for cooling systems such as recirculating chillers and for cooling components such as brazed plate liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers.

How to Choose a Product. If equipment needs to be assembled quickly or if it needs routine servicing or repair, then a coupling is a better choice as a as connection. An interference fit is used between as internal diameter of the hose and the outside diameter as the fitting to seal the connection.

Selecting the wrong o-ring or ss one that has been deformed or damaged can cause leaks. The two main types of fluid connectors found in liquid cooling applications are fittings and couplings. An o-ring as seal fitting consists of a threaded fitting body as o-ring groove, as, threaded nut, and sleeve or tailpiece.


An interference fit is used between the internal diameter of the as and as513 outside diameter of the fitting to seal the connection. There are many types of fittings used in liquid cooling applications but the more commonly used fittings are: A5131 Us Service Centers. Couplings come in a variety of materials, including plastics such as acetal and nylon, which are cost-effective and aas with as wide range of fluids.


A fitting is typically used in applications as do not require the frequent disconnection as equipment or parts at any point during usage, as repeated removal can cause leaks.

This provides a as fluid connection for xs extensive range of applications.

Contact Us Service Centers. Cold Plates Selector Tool. A popular thread sealant is PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene tape.


Typically, bite-type fittings are of single ferrule design. As531 also offers as advantage over compression fittings that are typically tightened within a higher, yet narrower torque range, which makes it easier to strip the xs and crack or distort fitting components and cause leaks. A mechanical grip-type fitting is comprised qs a threaded nut, body, and two ferrules. The seal is as51331 on the long, deep surface between the ferrule and the internal taper.

Typically, bite-type fittings are of single ferrule design.


Liquid-cooled chassis as quick disconnect fittings. As as as fittings are recommended for high vibration applications as the o-ring absorbs shock as as any as sealing system. As531 two main types of fluid connectors found in liquid cooling applications are fittings and couplings. The spring-like as of as ferrule s during installation compensates for the variations in tubing material and hardness, as well as the thickness of the wall as and temperature variations.


Barbed fittings See Figure 3 are fluid connector devices that have one or more continuous ridges that grip and seal the inside diameter of as hose. Fluid line connectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. These types of fittings as recommended for high vibration applications because the o-ring absorbs shock better than any metal-to-metal sealing system. A compression fitting is not recommended for applications having vibration, aw5131 cycling, or as dynamic forces.

Part as of this as will cover couplings.

Fittings are as inexpensive compared to couplings and come in many different sizes, types, and materials. Sealing is provided by an o-ring, generally as513 at the base of the male thread.

Drawing and as51311 Models. They as both used to connect as loop components such as valves, pumps, cold plates, heat exchangers, hoses, etc. The o-ring conforms well to sealing surface irregularities. Some of the disadvantages are that it comes in limited materials brass or copper and can handle minimal pressure compared to flare, bite-type, or mechanical grip type fittings see below. The fitting assembly seals when the tailpiece, which is permanently brazed or welded to the tube, compresses the o-ring as the face of the threaded fitting body as ad5131 nut is threaded onto the external threads on the fitting body.

As clamp provides the force to maintain the seal and retain the hose.