22 Sep Abstract The Project ‘Automatic Room Light Controller Using microcontroller ATMEGA16A and bidirectional visitor counter’ controls a room light. 16 Jun Automatic Room Lighting with Bidirectional Visitor Counter can be used Here is the circuit of water level controller using https://www. Implementation of Automatic Room Light. Controller with Visitor Counter Design using. Microcontroller. 1, Bushra Begum 2, Sara Sultana3, .

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And if any person leaves the room then second receiver will cut and then first receiver will cut. Hi Rajkumar, the microcontroller IC is already programmed. Doubt concerning the placement of IR sensor in the door frame. Can u suggest any other sensors which will detect only human being or human body?

If you want con control them individually then we need to modify the circuit to add 2 more relays. Once the count is non-zero, the room light is turned on using relay. We have used 2 infrared sensors and these are installed on door. We have to take precaution that the IR rays of first transmitter should fall only on first IR receiver and not on second receiver.


Please email us your questions or write comments below. And in a reverse way, person count will be decremented if somebody leaves the room. Block Diagram of the project: Hi naga akhil es, It can not detect this situation. We have used a SPDT relay. Why you have used Infrared sensors to count the no of persons? Hi kashafmicrocontroller just reads the output signal from IR receiver sensor. So if any animal crosses the sensor then the visitor counter will be incremented or decremented depending on the direction and then lights controlldr be turned on if count is greater than zero.


What happens to the light when the number of persons increases than the limited???

However for this we need to modify the circuit. There should be only 1 person entering or leaving. So when the IR rays are interrupted by any person then Microcontroller will receive a high pulse from the IR receiver. Can we get volt as output of the relay because here in Canada we have lights works in volt?

And this sensor does not recognize the number of person.

Are you using any separate counter IC for counting the persons or Microcontroller itself is configured as the counter? LCD display placed outside the room displays this value of person count. This function is implemented using a pair of Infrared sensors.

Hi Devang b patel, we have already included Light sensor to detect daytime. Is it possible that in entry operation, the RFID will count and in the exit operation, the infrared will count?

As per the current functionality of the project, lights will be turned on when there is one or more than one person in room. We need to change microcontroller coding for this.

So when person goes in 1st sensor is cut and then 2nd sensor is cut. Since relay is used, you can connect an AC bulb or DC bulb as per your requirement. Wastage of electricity is one of the main problems microcontrolldr we are facing now-a-days. This is one of the best sensor based projects for final year.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

We have used 12 volt relay. What is the use of buzzer in this project… Answer: And if you want to operate this project on regulated DC supply then you can remove transformer and you can directly give 9 volts supply. Yes, this is possible. We have already implemented this part as part of enhancement in our circuit. Bidirectional Visitor counter section — It is bidirectional because we have used 2 sensors on a single door.


Project Report in pdf format and in word format. So it can detect the person but it gets difficult to understand if the person is entering in the room or leaving the room. Uslng is that the Red LED connected to the IR receiver is always active always turned on and only blinks when I try to cut the infrared beam from the arrangement of IR transmitter and receiver which you sent me.

Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

Because when there is nobody inside the room then lights are automatically turned off. Hi Sir, I found this project interesting although the what will happen if the two persons enter and exit at the same time then there will be a collision between the entry and exit. Can you please explain the use of Timer ICs in the project?

There should be some time delay at-least half seconds delay between 2 persons. Now swap object in reverse direction then the system decrements the count.

Rooj should be some time delay at-least half seconds delay between 2 persons Question: