Bar Hebraeus, Arabic Ibn Al-ʿIbrī (“Son of the Hebrew”), or Abū al-Faraj, Latin name Gregorius, (born , Melitene, Armenia [now Malatya, Turkey]—died July. Bar-Hebraeus ( – July 30, ) was catholicos (bishop) of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the thirteenth century. He is noted for his works. b. Malaṭīa, ; d. Marāḡa, ), Syriac historian and polymath. See EBN AL- ʿEBRĪ, ABU’L-FARAJ.

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Bar Hebraeus° (or Bar ʿEbhraya or Ibn al- ʿIbri), Joha-Nan |

In was transferred to the see of Laqabin and finally was made primateor maphrianof the East by Ignatius IV Yeshu in He was, though, a conscientious pastor, building and repairing churches, visiting some of the most difficult areas of his province and consecrating twelve bishops. Skip to main content.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of On the ehbraeus which Genghis Khan established ET.

Gorgias Press is an independent academic publisher specializing in the history and religion of the Middle East and the larger pre-modern world. Kethabha dhe-Bhabhatha, “Book of the Pupils of the Eyes;” compendium of logic and dialectics. He is regarded as a saint by the Syriac Orthodox Churchwho hold his feast day on July If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.

His approach to Islam was also significant, sharing features with his European contemporary, Aquinaswho also drew on Muslim sources and regarded Muslims, Jews and Christians as occupying the same intellectual space.


Contents 1 Jebraeus 1. Perspectives on Linguistics and Ancient Languages 1. Only registered users can write reviews.

Scribe Abed Nuhara Bar Gor. Another was his Chronography, consisting of a secular history from the time of creation and an ecclesiastical history of the patriarchate of Antioch and the Eastern Jacobite church. Back Persian and Iranian Studies. History of “Bar-Hebraeus” Note: A full list of Bar Hebraeuz other works, and of editions of such of them as have been published, will be found in W.

Encyclopædia Iranica

These works have not been published, and exist in manuscript in ParisBerlinLondon, Oxford, and Rome. This nickname refers to his Jewish background, which means ‘Son of the Hebrew’.

A peculiar interest attaches itself to the “Book of Laughable Stories,” for it was the child of the compiler’s old age. Kiraz peels back the evolution of bae dot layer by layer to explain each of its uses in detail and to show how it adopted the wide range of uses it has today.

Gorgias Press. The Laughable Stories Collected by Mar Gregory John Bar-Hebraeus

An English translation by E. In a world where cultural hebraeux religious difference has too often been used as an excuse to oppress Others, even to conquer their territory, examples of more harmonious coexistence are important. Most of his works were written in Syriac, but some in Arabic, which had long before his hbraeus supplanted Syriac as a living speech. He was the son of an apostate Jewish physician, Aaron hence the appellation Son of the Hebrewand knew Hebrew.

Oxford University Press, Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. Gorgias Chronicles of Late Antiquity 1.


See Brock’s discussion below: Bruns and Kirsch, G. Thus he gradually accumulated an immense erudition, became familiar with almost all branches of secular and religious knowledge, and in many cases thoroughly mastered the bibliography of the various subjects which he undertook to treat.

The rest is to hfbraeus found only in manuscripts, hebraehs at FlorenceOxfordLondonand elsewhere. Sometimes, Bar-Hebraeus is said to have been given the baptismal name John, but this baf to be a scribal error.

The dot is used for everything in Syriac from tense to gender, number, and pronunciation, and unsurprisingly represents one of the biggest obstacles to learning the language. Gar Persian and Iranian Studies. He was buried at the convent of Mar Matthew, near Mosul. A total of 31 works are attributed to his authorship. David Wilmshurst, a noted historian of the Church of the East, has now provided a graceful and accurate English translation of the Ecclesiastical History, with the aim of winning this important text the readership it deserves.

Wright’s Syriac Literature, p.

He was ousted from this position in due to an internal feud following the Patriarch’s death between Dionysius and a rival contender for the Patriarchate, John. Using inscriptions, early grammars, and experiments with modern scribes, Dr. However, he does not appear to have been influenced by Latin scholarship.