21 Aug 1) SAP delivers the “BR*Tools” to provide an interactive Oracle database administration tools 3) Different between BR*Tools and BRTOOLS. 14 Jan Case: I want to reorganize table and rebuild index offline for table SOFFCONT1. Table SOFFCONT1 contains SAP Business. When SAP Basis running one or more tools from BRTOOLS, it will create a job log to provide SAP Basis some information about BRTOOLS activities whether it.

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Go to DB13 tcode. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Actually, we can do more than that.

This tutorial only show you simple and online reorganization. I done it for this brtools sap basis. SAP tcode DB02 is use to check database size, tablespaces size, current statistic, checking freespace statistic, analyze detailed tablespace, checking missing indexes, and space critical objects. Brtools sap basis example in DB13, you will brtools sap basis an error when you schedule job like check database and update optimizer.

Refer to SAP See you on the next tutorial. SAP also develop database tools to accompany you as Basis in order free you from complicated and frustated database specific related jobs such as rebuilding index, checking tablespace, checking whole database, updating your database statistic, monitoring your database growth, etc.


Software Configuration o Standby Database o init. I done it for this purpose. The more you set the thread, the faster your process will be. In SAP Netweaver 7. This will make you unable to run some commands from SAP. August 29, Create a free website brtools sap basis blog at WordPress. We strongly recommend that you only use Version 6. They will mention and warn you if something wrong with your backup configuration.

How to apply OSS notes number? Unix brtools sap basis, with Oracle database.

If you want to run check database command now, just choose Start Immedietly. Open your command prompt. Reorganization improves the structure of the database and can result in improved database brtools sap basis. Home About Dowload Here!! As of Version 7.

Database Configuration and Administration Using SAP BRTOOLS – SAP Basis Administration – page

This is the command to change password of Oracle Database User: What is the importance of the baasis parameter? In the case of MDM, see Type C to continue. Type 1 to Extend tablespace. This is the important question before we plan to reorganize table in SAP system.



Tasks of the SAP Basis. By continuing to betools this website, you agree to their use. If MSEG table has may rows data and never been updated its statistics then your program would be running slowly especially when MSEG table rows had been grown rapidly.

Double click on current date. August 29, Brtooks is the important question before we plan to reorganize table in SAP system.


Please feel free to contact me on devratt yahoo. They will mention and warn you if something wrong with your backup configuration. Choose Segement Management or run from the command prompt brspace —f tbreorg. Type C to continue and back to update database statistic menu. July 16, 1: