21 Aug 1) SAP delivers the “BR*Tools” to provide an interactive Oracle database administration tools 3) Different between BR*Tools and BRTOOLS. 14 Jan Case: I want to reorganize table and rebuild index offline for table SOFFCONT1. Table SOFFCONT1 contains SAP Business. When SAP Basis running one or more tools from BRTOOLS, it will create a job log to provide SAP Basis some information about BRTOOLS activities whether it.

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September 14, Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools: This site uses cookies.

SAP Basis For Beginner: SAP BR*Tools an interactive interface for Oracle database management

See you on the next tutorial. Where can I find more information? Brtools is available on the servicemarket place at the following link.

Wait until it finished. Test it first on your Develop system or Test system.


In this case, you have to type the command manually. Enter table name in Table names table. In this screen, btrools might need to input some information about your database such as your SAP Database profile, your database user and password, database owner, and something you might not want to be checked. For detailed information, you have to click Detail Log button.

Just accept default option. How to Earn Rs. You can do it on UNIX based.

Type C to continue and back to update database statistic menu. In SAP Netweaver 7.

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You can check it via DB02 tcode. Stay there and always connected. Mine using Oracle 9. Call the tool with the ” -V” option for example, “brconnect -V “. For example in DB13, you will have an error when you schedule job like check database and update optimizer.

This may be due bryools different character set, like copying text from Ms Word to command prompt. Site Status Computers shorten url blogarama. What is OSS Notes number? I use my Windows box and use [sid]adm. They will mention and warn you if something wrong with your backup configuration. Press Space Statistic button to find out tablespace size and its growth.



In the last tutorial, I had brtolos you how to check your database through DB13 tcode. Newer Post Older Post Home. Abort Return Code 9: Unix system, with Oracle database. If you want to run check database command now, just choose Start Immedietly. Method Allocation Displaying the Technical View: Choose Segement Management or run from the command prompt brspace —f tbreorg. Database Administration — ardhian