Find great deals for Raumcontroller Buderus RC30 EMS Heizung. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Many Buderus/Nefit heating systems use the EMS Bus (Energy Models RC20, RC25, RC30 and RC35 are connected using EMS. The EMS. The RC20 room controller makes it easy to operate your Buderus heating system . unit, e.g. RC30/RC35, that provides a summer mode for the heating system).

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Byte 30 is the controller type 0 — no controller, 1 — RC20, 2 — RC3x. Entering A Dhw Program If you require heating for a short period in summer mode: With the RC30 you can operate and control the two heating circuits independently Fig.


As commented previously, the offset references a specific position in the datagram payload. We expressly point out that only approved staff is permitted to work on electric- and gas-installations! It consists of an status message containing specific information about the working conditions of the hot water system. This data package contains status information about the Heating Circuit 1 HC1.

The first switching point Monday, Information travels at bauds and is coded using an 8N1 configurationwhich means eight 8 data bits, no N parity bit, and one 1 stop bit.

Of course, you should only send this datagram if there is an MM10 mixer in your system. Budefus the standard display You can change the standard display on the RC30 either via the additional menu or directly — as described in Chapter 8.


It can be useful to modify one of the parameters of this last datagram. The parameters of the previous datagram are fully configurable. Release the “Display” button to buuderus a changed value.

Raumcontroller Buderus RC30 EMS Heizung

What Are Heating Circuits There is a fault on the heating system. No, I do not send my defective items back. Disposal Dispose of packaging in an environmentally responsible manner. As soon as your defective item has been received by us and the cancellation period for the used item purchased by us has expired, the month Heiz24 function guarantee is confirmed by e-mail to you.

Single channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages. We budegus the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. In my case, the jack plug was protected under a tap in the BC Using The Extended Functions Basic Functions The basic functions are tc30 by pressing and holding a button on the right-hand side of the RC30 and turning the dial. However, I have noticed that sometimes this values are directly ignored despite receiving an acknowledge datagram from the bus master.

Control Modes For The Rc30 There are more data types than the ones showed here, and I did not decode all the information provided for each message. Thermal Disinfection Turn the dial clockwise to access the other settings. It is only switched off if the heating system is switched off, e. Ask your installer whether he has activated this function. Page 10 This is controlled by the function module WM Completely refurbished and functionally tested by Heiz24 specialists.


Buderus RC30 manual

The EMS bus is usually accessible though a 3,5 mm service jack located in the front panel of the boiler. Setting The Pause Function Table Of Contents Yes, I wish a 24 month function guarantee by return of buderue defective article! Don’t have an account?

Opening the flap activates a switch allowing you to use the extended functions and special functions. These parameters are, as previous ones, fully configurable.

This data package can be addressed to a third device of the bus, which will answer the request buxerus. If the second heating circuit is used to supply a separate flat or area of the building, a separate room controller RC20 can also be installed Fig. Hold down the “Display” button and simultaneously turn the dial to change a value.