28 Oct RADU CINAMAR CARTI PDF – Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Since returning from Romania I have reported on my. Vol 4 2 Radu Cinamar – Pergamentul Secret – Pag Uploaded by INUAKI Reptilianul din mine -Cartea a II-a (de La Zamolxe Spre Noua Era) · Vol 4 1. of 14 results for Books: “Radu Cinamar” . By Radu Cinamar – Transylvanian Moonrise: A Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods (5/ 17/11).

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CSAT Emergency Meeting The discussions were successful in Bucharest, in the sense that the facts were brought to the attention of people with great moral integrity and who are deeply patriotic. If you understand this correctly, you can radu cinamar carti that You understand the need for the forces of evil in creation. With no one to collect information on additional parent content to just make some discreet inguiries and to sort out in my mind a few items general high even existential problems and waited patiently for the signal a new meeting with Caesar, to find answers to them.

The Americans have reacted very badly because that statement would cxrti shattered in rwdu second their global influence and power, and would radu cinamar carti probably thrown into chaos their society. Practically, the fire could not “stay” on that material. I knew that in the current era, the xarti trend of humanity is to slip on the slope of moral decay, ethical and spiritual, yet I convinced that good can overcome this state of depression in people.

So I say, if an idea deeply includes beneficial and spiritual masses, then it generates a tremendous wave of positive energy that can caryi very key to turning this nation.

It should be noted, however, that cover-ups of strange phenomena are as old as the Presidency itself.

Evil is always easy, slippery and are based on the force of inertia, and ignorance has also proved, because it involves effort. It is therefore very important for human beings to be let freedom of choice, but choice is good given the awareness and understanding that it is that being. It is the only one who knows all ramifications of the problem. Tapping the triangle from the the center of the sguared polished rock, Caesar initiated a huge stone gate which silently slid into the wall.

Transylvania Sunrise gives a blow by blow description of the battle of wits between these two formidable metaphysical opponents. Massini entered directly into the subject by saying that people are of two kinds: The conclusion radu cinamar carti that what radu cinamar carti needed was of interest to her at greatest strength and excluded carri intervention, especially knowing that aspect excluded by certain people. Massini manifested a great power and an unusual psychical force, in contrast with his age.

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Massini invited Caesar to join the group, letting him understand that he will have many advantages. On the table tops were cut in relief, with precision, different signs of an unknown writing, characters that resemble ancient cuneiform. It is very likely to be radu cinamar carti mental venerable yet before, the whole discussion — 1 mean the first date — he has had with me.

The boxes are placed directly onto the ground.


While it is not proper to reveal the entire outcome, the Americans do join forces with the Romanians and penetrate the mystery in a joint effort.

As we learn from this book, Romania had all sorts of secret facilities that harbored people with remarkable or strange abilities.

I was a little confused, because not yet caught the essence of the problem. A considerable part of Transylvania Sunrise concerns Cezar’s divulgence of his personal story and anecdotes to Radu Cinamar, the author. None of the tables have a height less than two meters. Above all is the Bilderberg group, and within it there are three people who have ultimate discretion over the shares important ideas to be implemented across the planet. No I want to digress into philosophical observations and comments, but I will say however that the Most simply, good can be understood as the absence of evil.

However, it is important to reach the tunnel and then hemispherical energy barrier. It was presented as Senior Massini. Xien had considerable influence in Depart-ment Zero. That is the ideal in which they can be controlled and led without resistance. What is important is which of these two aspects is awakened and then amplified ourselves.

I ask you now, perhaps, what is good and what is evil. Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important cati was very well protected.


Those who choose evil is not meant to understand the existence of complete and they have fighting so furiously against the good, harmony, love and beauty. I already knew about the existence of prophets very obscured, Christians made two great saints of the past century, they concerns the future of Romania in the context cart the future of all mankind. And because it comes about, you know that a great mystery of occult universe is the role it plays in the context of the evil forces of evolution, ie how in which the evil creation in the economy.


The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks.

Three people from the first special intervention acrti were very close to the invisible barrier. Logically speaking, this implies that they wanted to have access to a state secret that no I I do not know, but they knew they could not reach except through me, thanks I had the special function in the department.

A similar structure in Irag The Pentagon team noted that hemispherical energy barrier has the same vibrational freguency and the same shape as one another very secret underground structure cart they had discovered before, near Baghdad, Irag. If they do not become lucid, they will not understand why conditions are so difficult and why it is happening so many absurd things. Think that if the key items would be placed intransigent and good people faith, they could not admit of intrigue, backstage games and miseries, which, as Well you know, currently infest politics and economy.

He was leading one of the most venerable major Masonic Lodge in Europe and was one of the most influential Masonic organization in the world: Cartu Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient radu cinamar carti secret archives, which are of great importance for Romania and the evidence supports the discovery of raxu mountains.

The shield protects the room by any outside influences.

To understand better, evil rituals and cihamar are made only those members who have reached a certain rank or position high in the tree the lodge to which they belong.

I asked with an obvious interest. Romanian State was to make an official statement to the world. They were radu cinamar carti placed under De-partment Zero, headed by a mysterious General Obadea.

Full text of “Transylvanian Sunrise Radu Cinamar”

In other words, in ignorance man chooses to self-destruct, thus preferring to deny himself. It was obvious that could not guestion of armed raids in force foreign troops in Romania regardless of reasons. Advancing to the energy shield, the shield portion is defined as a front door and then disappears and becomes stravezie to enter Hall projections. The projections run by themselves but at the same time they are interactive and depend on one who interacts with the tables by touching their surfaces.

Hall of projections is limited by the energy shield and is smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain.