Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the early ’80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages d. Cathedral is a novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. The novel involves the seizing of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by members of the Irish Republican . Cathedral by Nelson DeMille – book cover, description, publication history.

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Cathedral | Nelson DeMille

With military weapons and explosives we pretty much have “Die Hard” in a large church. While creating a believable scenario in which politics play a large part, he also delivers some great action although it does seem to take too long to finally get to the final showdown. The characters are fully fleshed out warts and all. Almost painful but slogged on to the bitter end for a most unrewarding ending.

Now it’s your turn! He looked down at an open book in front of him. She picked up her head and saw two lines of paratrooper boots.

The months, the years pass slowly. Oct 03, Bodosika Bodosika rated it liked it. Catbedral should leave Ulster and never return. Kathedraal van de vrede. She looked up from where she lay in the corner of the tiny cubicle. So why would Flynn, or even Hickey who hated the British, go along with this plan cwthedral they knew they were doing exactly what Martin wanted? An entertaining read, especially if you like thrillers about the IRA.

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

Nine out of twelve terrorists take position in different places of the Church with machine gun, rocket launchers, and hand grenades to watch and alert the leader and prevent any outside attack. You, your sister, and her lover, Brian Flynn. Some great characters, I’d love to hear more fro As you always get from DeMille, an exciting, cathedrral read.


She crawled as quickly as she could between the gauntlet as blows fell on her back and buttocks. I feel the novel would have been improved somewhat if it were about pages shorter.

Cathedral features neither, unfortunately. There are city and state officials that are more interested in public relations than they are in the danger to lives.

Did it happen, or not, who was the mysterious priest who just seemed to disappear, and what ever did happen to that ring? After fierce fighting resulting in fifty percent casualties in the task forces, the three Neelson excluding Father Timothy Murphy were rescued, the time bomb defused by bomb squad and the Cathedral saved from the terrorists.

And it’s just not. Refresh and try again.

Nwlson plot is logical without being obvious. The cops face a booby-trapped, perfectly laid out killing zone inside the church. View all 4 comments. They rose and came up behind the British soldiers. She choked down a sob and steadied her breathing. Then he would cut Brian Flynn’s throat with a piece of glass and call it suicide.

She took a deep breath and fired, shifted her aim, and fired again. She saw a young priest nelsoon to calm a group of people. The craft of snappy dialogues, vivid characters with inner conflict, and a perfect blen “A Miracle of a Book” Ridiculously, honestly, one of the best books I have ever read.

None of the governments will give in to their demands and release the prisoners held in England and Ireland. She felt something poke her in the back of the head and heard the sound of a pistol cocking.

The point is that my reports says a gun and explosives were found, and in Ulster there is not a great deal of difference between the charges and the realities. The hood was pulled from her head, and the bright lights half-blinded her. There are many factors, but the primary amoung them is as Mark Twain says, “The difference between a write word and the wrong cathedarl is the difference between the lightning and a light fly” that every word, sentence and page supports its predecessors as well as its successors.


The story captures your imagination and emotions. Give a woman a job ctahedral do and …”. Coogan stepped backward and tripped over Shelby’s body.

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

Sheila Malone and George Sullivan walked quickly to the car waiting off the lane and climbed in behind the driver, Rory Devane, and the courier, Tommy Fitzgerald. Oct 21, David rated it liked it Shelves: The terrorist group lead by Brain Flynnwho was born into the heat and hatred against the occupying British of the Northern Ireland, accompanied by his reckless, loyal followers John Hickey, Megan Fitzgerald, Jack Leary and twelve others capture the Cathedral.

On the other hand, it served the purpose of prolonged escapism at a point that escapism nrlson needed, and I learned a bit new catgedral Irish politics, St.

It was a bit heavy on detail, but the plot was so compelling I didn’t mind. Residents of the block were shouting from windows, and trash-can lids were being beaten to sound the alarm.

Patrick’s Cathedral, one of the finest land marks of USA will be burnt and the hostages will be killed without further extension of time. View the Study Pack. On what grounds she was invited to New York.??? She was certain now that they were just fishing, and she could almost picture being released at dawn.