Counterpoint has ratings and reviews. Aoife said: First of all: this book had actually good things. The author cleary tried to write not your t. Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) by Rachel Haimowitz Paperback $ Start reading Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) on your Kindle in. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Nice world-building and well-crafted characters bring this Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) by [Haimowitz, Rachel].

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I loved that they are each other’s quiet place to get away from the storm of everything haiimowitz is happening around them. Here though, it barely spanned a couple of pages.

I absolutely loved these characters. My view of this story is quite the opposite.

Haimowitz, but this one didn’t do it for me. Jiji rated it did not like it Jan 22, To learn all about my current and upcoming projects, please stop by my counterpoit.

Nov 14, Honour rated it liked it Shelves: You might remember that I reviewed the audio book for ‘Counterpoint’ the first book in this duology about a month ago and I loved it Here is a Freyric a man of power, who can take what he wants from Ayden, yet he was always such a gentleman. I was confused for a while about the Surge and what it was exactly.

Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

May 17, It freaking fades to black and then we’re presented with a nice wrapped epilogue, two months ahead. Ayden upslapping Freyrik’s son to the back of the head would have been nice moment. An emotional roller coaster with heights so beautiful and lows rachek draining. There is the constant threat at the edge of the human kingdom, the expectation people have of their ruler, the social pressures that have to be navigated and most fascinating of all, the magic of the elfs.


MM High Fantasy Fans! Never perfect, not always gentle but his attitude and apparent feelings for the elf was one of the reasons why this book was so enjoyable. Then why does Freyrick treat him so much better from the beginning? So, I’m currently on the fence about our Prince of Farr. One of the best things about this story is the slow building, forbidden to the point that it was quite frustrating hate-to-love relationship between the mcs: Jan 08, I started this book about 3 hours before I had to be somewhere, and the closer it got for me to leave and stop reading this book, I found myself coming up with different kind of illnesses and other fun stuff that I could suddenly come down with, to keep me home, so I could keep reading.

Crescendo (Song of the Fallen, #2) by Rachel Haimowitz

Rather, with the author. Reviewed for TDB Reviews It makes me curious about how inaccurate our own histories are. Aleksandr Voinov author of Special F I loved this book. Although the prince yearns to become sexually intimate with Ayden, he does not force the issue.

I think I screamed out loud when he finally did! Ayden, your sister asked for it. Ultimately it saves thousands of lives, and the humans are victorious in their battle against the surge.

Dec 16, Seregil rated it liked it Shelves: Unfortunately, it is not as beautiful, nor as hot, as the cover for Counterpoint!

Before Ayden can get his sister back to their lands, human soldiers have So, Counterpoint had a pretty interesting blurb and premise that I found intriguing. It focused more on the hate between humans and elves and the intrigue at the human court than on the romance. He can hear people’s ‘songs’ and also nature’s songs and God-knows-what-else and so tell when they’re dishonest.

After clunterpoint forever okay, I admit that its actually been less than 6 months Ayden and Freyrik finally get their Happily Ever After Then why does Freyrick treat him so much better from the beginning? I freaking loved it all. At the beginning of the story I was struggling a littlebecause we get thrown right away in the world of rschel described in very good, but also at times a bit over-descriptive writing using some words I’ve never heard before considering that English is not my mother tongue and I actually thought that I will have to dig out my long forgotten English dictionary from collage, but fortunately, in the end, that wasn’t necessary.

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It truly shows the amazing talent of this author and when all secrets come out you’ll understand the true meaning behind this title and the series and how they fit perfectly into the story. Song of the Fallen 1. Although Freyrik almost immediately shows his compassion to Ayden, the elf’s trust is gained slowly.

Warm and loving and trusting. Lists with This Book. For all the beauty in the world’s music had been shattered, stripped away, leaving only this broken wailing wrong in its place. Song of the Fallen 1. It was worth every penny I spent and is a definitive re read for me probably multiple times not for its erotic content which uaimowitz there but not huge but for it’s story Just fantastic. This struggle between Freyrik and Ayden was depressing.

This scene was so profound that it will haunt me for days to come. And yet you ask it of me again and again! Some important issues were left unresolved – mainly about how their relationship is going to work considering that elves live a loooong life and human kings tend to have less than average livespans.

Yes you, read this book!