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DIN () Polyethylene coatings on steel pipes and fittings – Requirements and testing. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add. DIN – Publication DIN-Taschenbuch /3 pipes and fittings – Requirements and testings, Corrigendum to DIN 1 Apr DIN Polyethylen coatings of steel pipes and fittings – Requirements and testings. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V.

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Izolir | Technology – Pre-insulated pipes DIN – Technology of hydro insulated pipes

Production of thermo shrinkable PE joints EN T branching, reducers, bends and other elements of pre-insulation are produced in accordance with project documentation and per request of purchaser.

This standard stipulates the requirements for the three layer extruded polyethylene based 306700 used by the factory, as well as the single-layer or multi-layer sintered polyethylene based coatings for corrosion prevention of steel pipes and fittings.

Looking forward to your favourable inquiry! DIN 0 refers to polyethylene coating on steel pipes and fittings — Requirements and tests.


Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe. The material should be chosen by the coating machine itself, because according to the installation and coating procedures, various materials can be used to meet the minimum requirements for the finished coating specified in this standard.

Application of this standard ensures that PE coatings provide adequate protection against mechanical, thermal and chemical loads during operation, transportation, storage and installation. Isolation requires previously well cleaned and protected 3060 surface of steel pipe, we get it by shot blasting process by which we achieve a high degree of required purity up to Sa.

Tubing and Casing Coupling.

Protection of steel pipes. Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe. Pre-insulated pipes IZOPOL correspond to a long topical question of the market from the standpoint of transportation of gas, water, oil and other fluids. The remaining debris should be removed before the coating is coated.

The surface should be cleaned by sand blasting. Thus performed insulated pipe IZOPOL are used in all areas, especially are suitable for aggressive land, which is possible because of polyethylene coating which possesses a high degree of chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.


DIN EN ISO specifies the international standard requirements for the three tier extruded polyethylene and polypropylene dim coatings for oil and gas pipeline transportation systems.

Seamless Alloy Steel Tube.

Production of polyethylene pipes. Contact Us Sales Team Network.

Welded joints between two pipes are protected with thermo shrinkable joints. Internal protection of water pipes at the request of the Client is performed by epoxy coatings. Preinsulated pipes and pipe technique. Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe. Buyer should agree to any deviation from material use.

Welded Alloy Steel Pipe. Jet cleaning and any necessary follow-up work should not lead to the reduction of minimum wall thickness specified in the standard of steel pipe technology delivery. This standard specifies the coating requirements for seamless steel tubes and fittings for pipeline construction for longitudinal or DSAW pipes vin for transporting liquids or gases.

The ends of pipes and pipe elements are performed upon request the purchaser. Stainless Steel Welded Pipe.