Buy DIN EN ISO PAINTS AND VARNISHES – DETERMINATION OF RESISTANCE TO NEUTRAL SALT SPRAY (FOG) from SAI. DIN EN ISO Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog) (ISO ); German version EN ISO Draft standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN ISO – Draft. Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog) (ISO.

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The level of the salt solution in the salt reservoir shall be maintained automatically to ensure uniform spray delivery throughout the test. Sample Requirements The requirements are the same for all the tests. The support for the reference specimens shall be made of, or coated with, inert materials such as plastic, and shall be placed at the same level as isp test specimens. Therefore, the test results should not be regarded as a direct guide to the corrosion resistance of the tested metallic materials, in all environments where these materials may be used.


Attention is drawn to isl possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights. After each immersion step, thoroughly clean the reference specimen at ambient temperature by rinsing with water and by light brushing, then by rinsing with acetone or ethanol, followed by drying.

Something totally different like zinc-alloy plating, organic coatings, etc. Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide. Salt spray tests are generally suitable as corrosion protection tests for rapid analysis for discontinuities, pores and damage in organic and inorganic coatings. ASTM G Annex A5 Scope and Field Application This is a less severe version of the standard salt spray tests and is generally regarded as giving a better correlation with outdoor exposure results.

If you need to test paints, coatings etc, you may wish to consider the prohesion test as a possible alternative. The upper parts of the cabinet isk be designed so that drops of sprayed dln formed on its surface do not fall on the specimens being tested. During operation, the solution should be free from dust and should be isolated from dib air to prevent the concentration of sodium chloride and the pH from fluctuating.

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Hi Sergio, ASTM B does dun address corrosion behavior of test specimens, but describes the parameters for conducting a salt spray test. Hi David, There are several differences between the two specifications, including salt concentration range, salt analysis, water quality, angle of inclination of test panels, corrosivity requirements, I think the temperature is about the only thing that has been standardised.

Assessment of degree of cracking ISO? Duration of the test. Toby Padfield – Troy, Michigan. George Gorecki – Naperville, Illinois Ido.

It uso often not possible to use results gained from salt spray testing as a comparative guide to the long-term behaviour of different coating systems, as the corrosion stress during these tests differs significantly from the corrosion stresses encountered in practice.

Sample Requirements In order to obtain a total test area of 0.

Equivalence between ASTM B-117 vs. ISO 9227 NSS

After cleaning, rinse e reference specimens with fresh solvent, and then dry them. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. Sample Requirements The size of any object we can test is limited by the capacity of the salt spray chamber.

We require 3 coated panels x mm.

Clean the reference specimens carefully, immediately prior to testing. For chemical cleaning of the zinc reference specimens, use a solution of saturated glycine, ? D gives supplementary information needed for testing test panels with organic coatings.

The salt spray tests are particularly useful for detecting discontinuities, such as pores and other defects in certain metallic, organic, anodic oxide and conversion coatings. A informative Schematic diagram of one possible design of spray cabinet with means for treating fog exhaust and drain a??? Teknos to acquire powder coatings business from Sniezka 19th January Read more. AkzoNobel confirms constructive discussions with Axalta regarding potential merger 2nd November Read more.


The edges of the reference test specimens may be protected by the wn tape as well. The support for the reference specimens shall be made of, or coated with, inert materials such as plastics.

Lanxess successfully completes acquisition of Chemtura 26th April Read more. Remove the corrosion products by mechanical and chemical cleaning as described in ISO?

ISO Salt spray test

The collecting devices shall be placed in the zone of the cabinet where the test specimens are placed, one close to an inlet of spray and one remote from an inlet. May 21, A. Assessment of degree of rusting ISO? However, in this circumstance, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned, and then checked by the method described in Clause 5; particularly ensuring that the pH of the collected solution is correct throughout the entire spraying period. Endorsement notice The text of ISO Recommended periods of exposure are 2?

It has also been found suitable for testing anodic coatings on aluminum. The appropriate temperature depends on the pressure used and on the type of atomizer nozzle and shall be adjusted so that the rate of collection of spray in the cabinet, and the concentration of the collected spray, are kept within the specified limits see 8.

Photographic records of the tested specimens 77253, if required, accompany the report. Unless otherwise specified, the cut edges shall be adequately protected by coating them em a suitable material, stable under the conditions of the test, such as paint, wax or adhesive tape.

General introduction and designation system ISO?