Emilia coccinea is a ANNUAL growing to m (2ft) by m (1ft in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 9 and is frost tender. It is in flower from July to October, and the. Emilia coccinea. em-EE-lee-ah kok-SIN-ee-ah Audio. A captivating little plant for the front of the border, tassel flower produces small, scarlet-orange pompons. Latin Name: Emilia coccinea. Category: SEEDS. Seeds Per Packet: Little tufted paintbrush blossoms dance on the tops of curvy stems, weaving in and.

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Last update on In eastern Africa it is found in dry areas up to m altitude. An ideal plant for hot dry areas and coastal soils[]. Jeffrey from West Africa. This QR Code is unique to this page.

Tassel Flower (Emilia coccinea) –

Emilia lisowskiana and Emilia praetermissa Milne-Redh. QR Codes are barcodes that can be read by mobile phone smartphone cameras. The plant is said to be used medicinally for children, but the report gives no more details[]. Added to salads or used as a potherb[]. Emilia coccinea Emilia coccinea Scarlet Magic x – 6k – jpg emillia. Leaves – raw or cooked[].

Medicinal plants of East Africa. Not for the casual reader. Citation in news articles.

The medicinal and poisonous plants of southern and eastern Africa. Vegetatively it resembles species of Sonchus but it can be distinguished by its solid stems and the absence of milky sap. About 50 species are found in Africa, and several of these have become naturalized in the Americas. Not known in a truly wild situation. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages.

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You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box. It is grown at a close spacing of about 15 cm and can be used as a cut flower and for drying. Medicinal and poisonous plants 3. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Plants will self-sow in disturbed soil. They are drought tolerant once established[]. Orange-flowered form Photograph by: If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment.

Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, newspaper etc and even t-shirts. The flowers cluster at the top of wiry stems that rise from a basal rosette of blue-green leaves.

For a list of references used on this page please go here. Please view the copyright link for more information. Emilia coccinea Emilia coccinea.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Emilia coccinea

You will receive a range of benefits including: Emilia coccinea Emilia coccinea x – 66k – jpg www. The new Royal Horticultural Society coccniea of gardening. Some information cannot be used for commercial reasons or be modified but some can.

If you have questions emilka a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves. Roots or leaves are boiled and the decoction is used to treat syphilis. Log In Sign Up.


If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below. Edible wild plants of Tanzania.

The Plant Guide

Newsletter Get the latest how-to and design inspiration articles plus special offers sent straight to your inbox. Emilia coccinea Emilia coccinea x – 11k – jpg www. Contains a very wide range of conventional and unconventional food plants including tropical and where they can be obtained mainly N. Full Sun to Partial Coccinea Maintenance: In Tanzania eye eemilia are treated by applying a cold water compress of the bruised plant or by soaking leaves mixed with those of Ipomoea eriocarpa R.

Comments Log in or create an account to post a comment. Emilia coccinea Emilia coccinea Sims G. In view of the local medicinal uses and interesting properties of its close ekilia, pharmacological research is desirable.

Please log in or create a free account. Noteworthy Characteristics These annuals from the tropics can withstand high heat and humidity. What is Emilia coccinea Sims G.

Publisher Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd. Slugs can be a problem with this plant in a wet spring[]. Livingstone, London, United Kingdom.