1 Oct Having been neglected for many centuries, Aristotle’s other, less famous, treatise on ethics, the Eudemian Ethics, has received a good deal of. 14 Jul A major treatise on moral philosophy by Aristotle, this is the first time the Eudemian Ethics has been published in its entirety in any modern. 9 Jun The Eudemian Ethics and the De Virtutibus et Vitiis have not received much attention from scholars. Mr. Ross’s suggestions have been of the.

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This work may need to be standardized using Wikisource’s style guidelines. Also, it would be good if you could state the question clearly in the body of your question rather than only in the title. Eudemian Ethics by Aristotle and translated by Anthony Kenny describes how one is to live a happy life.

This can be viewed both as a advantage and a disadvantage but personally his views enrich my understanding of who I am in the world and how I should behave. He considers the role of happiness, and what happiness consists of, and he analyzes various aspects that contribute to it: People seldom ask “what’s your favorite Aristotelian ethics”, but if someone ask me I would probably rate this one as the ehdemian.

In the foot-notes are cited corresponding passages from the Nicomachean Ethics and Magna Moralia. Of course the principal help to the understanding of the two treatises is the Nicomachean Ethics, their resemblances to and differences from which work are of great interest. I did enjoy this book a lot. Seeing is the ergon of sight because it is the etgics thing that sight accomplishes and is what sight ultimately is for.

Rhetoric Rhetoric to Alexander Poetics. Aristotle was not some Classic author looking to sell millions eudemain copies. Antique books are almost impossible to review. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Ethics books Works by Aristotle.

Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson. Marlin Harrison rated it liked it Jul 14, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Overall a good read which I would recommend it.


It challenges our cultural, thin notions of happiness and promotes human agency toward activities breathing–living function and embodiment of mean internal goods virtues to include moral virtues, justice, intellectual, ethocs, and friendship.

Finally, there follow Special Topics which investigate in greater detail more narrowly focused issues, especially those of central concern in recent Aristotelian scholarship After reading EE my answer is yes and let me explain why.

The Eudemian Ethics is shorter than the Nicomachean Ethicseight books as opposed to ten, and some of its most interesting passages are mirrored in the latter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Brian Donohue rated it euedmian liked it Aug ethhics, Then, users can vote on it and see if it’s correct or not. With regard to precision in rendering the details of Aristotle’s argumentation, they have a slight edge over Kenny.

But Writting a piece for a student is much more common. The translator for the Loeb edition, Harris Rackham, states in the Introduction to ethids edition that “in some places The Eudemian Ethics is fuller in expression euddemian more discursive than The Nicomachean Ethics. Refresh and try again. Apr 19, Missy rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 28, Daniel Seifert rated it really liked it Shelves: An example of this would be his views on pride which he states is a virtue but I believe is a vice.

As to Aristotle virtue is the only true cause of ejdemian the majority of this book deals with the virtues which he believes cause happiness which is the greatest good. This approach emphasizes the use of reason and our ability to understand the world we live in. Want to Read saving….


While this book has its defenders–primarily Anthony Kenny, the translator–it has never been studied or read as carefully. No trivia or quizzes yet. Susemihl’s Teubner edition neglected an important medieval manuscript. Making Amends Linda Radzik.


Eudemian Ethics – Wikipedia

Eudeemian pleasure is often given as the greatest cause of happiness Aristotle would say that this happiness is not true happiness. He was interested, first and foremost, in his philosophy. So it’s taken me a little over a year to finally finish this, and I love philosophy and philosophical ideas.

The Eudemian Ethics 4. Jackson is also the author of an article in the Journal of Philology, xxxii, which has shed a flood of light on the corrupt passage, Bk. Three Plays Luigi Pirandello. This approach raises the question of what Aristotle exactly means by ‘noble’: Here is one example:. But if the activities that are necessary to acquire virtue are the very activities that are produced by the exercise of the virtues, then it becomes unclear how one can acquire virtue if one is not already virtuous.

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Kenny’s superb translation is accompanied by a fine introduction, in which he highlights the similarities and differences between this book and the better-known Nicomachean Ethicswith which it holds three books in common. All this is learnt, not from theory but ‘on the ground’ in the actual, shifting and uncertain circumstances of life and by observing the behaviour of the phronimos, the practically wise person who has followed this path already.

EE and NE are similar because they represent, if I am right, different stages of development in Aristotle’s thinking about ethics but without any drastic or decisive rupture. The work ends with some loosely unified discussions, in Book 8, that mostly focus on the interrelations among the virtues that feature in much of the body of the work.

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