Eyebeam for windows • Read online or download PDF • CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual. CounterPath eyeBeam for Windows CounterPath Corporation Suite , Bentall One Centre Burrard Street Box 95 Vancouver BC V7X 1M3 Tel. eyeBeam User Guide Operations and Configuration Guide to eyeBeam CounterPath’s Full-Featured Video Softphone CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Floor 8 .

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Click the Properties button, then see the following pages for details. Procedures for the exchange of certificates are outside the scope of this documentation.

When finished entering all of the information, click OK to save the settings.

See page 17 Calls: Your manual failed to upload Page 40 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Audio sounds choppy in a conference Poor conference audio may be caused by upload bandwidth limitations.

CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 Manuals

If you do not like the selections made by eyeBeam, you can override them on manhal panel. Follow the steps below to perform an unattended call transfer: Enabling Accounts You must enable an account in order to make and receive calls on that account.

One-way audio If a firewall restricts incoming connections, users may get only one-way audio.

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If you move your computer to a different IP address, eyeBeam automatically detects the new speed. Tell us about it.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Users can view this log file by pressing F9 on their keyboard. Page 16 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. You will first have to set up the file; see below. For more information on availability, see page You can set up a default rule, which applies when the incoming phone call, instant message or availability request does not fall in the scope of a specific rule. If it does, then you can set up some voicemail features in eyeBeam.

How to ping a computer Mac OS X: Diagnostic Log eyeBeam writes diagnostic information to a log file. Page 53 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. A softphone is a computer application that must be running to make or receive calls. Page 18 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Video Cameras Calls made with eyeBeam will work without a video camera, but one is necessary to allow other parties to see your image. Click on Ping from the list at the top. Alternative Ways of Running eyebsam E. Adjust the eyeebeam volume to a comfortable level.

CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual | 71 pages

Page 36 Enable message authentication: Spaces are allowed only in the items. Adjust the microphone volume; listen to the playback of the recorded sample and make changes if necessary. Other parties will see this name they are when connnected to you. Or point us to mnaual URL where the manual is located. A document that describes an aspect of an internet technology.

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If you leave this field empty, then this icon will not be displayed. The pattern is an account prefix followed by a 9 and seven digits.

Page 69 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Users may have to set video to the minimum value before making incremental moves up to determine the best video settings for their system. When clicked on, eyeBeam detects the speed of your network connection and ryebeam the potential bandwidth. Page 1 eyeBeam 1. Let eyeBeam determine your public IP address. Attach a hyperlink with this format: The menu items are: Processing of the audio or video signal to reduce the echo effect that can arise with a speakerphone or that manuak arise if the sound from the speakerphone or headphone leaks into the microphone.

Login timeout If the user gets a Login Timed Out error message, they may have entered their username or password incorrectly.