Highbrow, city slicker, dude: Funes never spoke these injurious words, but I am sufficiently certain I represented for him those misfortunes. Pedro Leandro. 3 Feb In , the great Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges (–) published Funes the Memorious. It is the fictional story of Ireneo Funes. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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When he arrives, the woman tells him He provides other prodigious examples of his gift: Reprinted from Borges and Memory: My cousins assured me that was not the case, that these were peculiarities of Ireneo.

Borges and Memory: Encounters with the Human Brain [Excerpt] – Scientific American

Known to be rather eccentric in his personal lifestyle, Funes is also famous in his province for always being able to tell the exact time without looking at a watch. Says Funes, midway through the story: He forgets about the loan until he receives a telegram from Buenos Aires informing him that he must return immediately.

On their next meeting, however, Funes welcomes Borges by reciting, mockingly, in perfect Latin: Imagine the most extreme example, a human being who does not possess the power to forget, who is damned to see becoming everywhere; such a human being would no longer believe in his own being, would no longer believe in himself, would see everything flow apart in turbulent particles, and would lose himself in this stream of becoming; like the true student of Heraclitus, in the end he would hardly even dare to lift a finger.

Borges spends the whole night talking to Funes in the dark. As an example he tells the story of a man who lost the capacity to name letters after being struck by a stone, and of another who forgot certain people after falling from a roof. Searching for consciousness in the brain]. In Borges’s fantasy the Library is inhabited by scholars in pursuit of the “catalogue of catalogues” that would provide the guide through the labyrinth. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The fragment, the writer said, was on an odd-numbered page near the middle of the book.

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Everything becomes public in a small town; Ireneo, in his house on the outskirts, did not take long to learn of the arrival of these anomalous books. Borges correctly points out to him that this is precisely the opposite of a system of enumeration, but Funes is incapable of such understanding. He reveals that, since his fall from the horse, he perceives everything in full detail and remembers it all.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This section needs additional citations for verification. This story it is well the reader know it by now has no other plot than that dialogue which took place memirious a century ago.

He learns that Ireneo Funes has meanwhile suffered a horseback riding accident and is now hopelessly crippled. Heinemann,pp. Views Read Edit View history. In the overly replete world of Funes, there were nothing but details. Pliny considers it a blessing to possess an extraordinary memory. Stanford University Press, Lo he recordado porque la consecutiva y recta. Harvard University Press, ; London: Of the magical compadrito of my story I can state that he dunes a precursor to supermen, a suburban, incomplete Zarathustra; what cannot be denied is that he is a monster.

Not only would it be drowned in its own meticulousness, but it would have no link with human purposes, social or personal. The narrator, memorioue version of Borges himself, meets Ireneo Funes, a teenage boy who lives in Fray BentosUruguayin I remember I think his angular, leather-braiding hands.

Not without a certain vaingloriousness, I had begun at that time my methodical study of Latin. On a subsequent visit to the farm, the narrator brings along several books of Latin, the study of which he is beginning.

Please help improve this fines by adding citations to reliable sources. Already in the literature of the first millennium there are references to people with prodigious memory, particularly in the Natu ralis historia Natural History of Pliny the Elder Gaius Plinius Secundus, 23—79 A.

She told me Ireneo was in the back room and I should not be surprised to find him in the dark, because he knew how to pass the idle hours without lighting the candle. Without the slightest change of voice, Ireneo told me to come in.

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Funes, the Memorious Summary –

I remember him, with his face taciturn and Indian-like and singularly remotebehind the cigarette. The early death of Funes echoes the idea of unfulfilled potential, the wasted miracle of a plainsman with phenomenal abilities who lives and dies in obscurity. Inhe hears that Funes has been thrown from a horse and crippled; unable to walk, he has become a recluse.

As narrative this can be seen as extended version of insomnia. We entered an alleyway that sank down between two very high brick sidewalks. Without totally forgetting a prodigious number of states of consciousness, and momentarily forgetting a large number, we could not remember at all.

The word “Babel” brings home the uselessness of both these odd impossibilities — first, the remembering, conceptualizing, and wording of the infinitesimal detail of our sensory experience, and, second, arriving at a language so complete in What immediately strikes any sensible person is the utter uselessness of such a language.

He lived with his mother, around the corner from the Laureles house. I was returning from the San Francisco ranch with my cousin Bernardo Haedo. It had suddenly got dark; I heard some rapid and almost secret footsteps up above; I raised my eyes and saw a boy running along the narrow and broken path as if it were a narrow and broken wall.

Funes the Memorious

He carried his pride to the point of acting as if the blow that had felled him were beneficial. One of the main newspapers in Argentina. As he packs, he remembers the books and goes to Funes’s house.