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Interior Artwork from Broken Empire Omnibus edition by Jason Chan Fylmini the faults I have with the book, Pricipe and the prose itself manage to pushed me to read the book in 2 days not something to be proud of though, the book is really short and from what I gathered so far, this book is more like a setup for the next two books.

View all 49 comments. It is a tight-knit bunch. Here’s Cliff Notes to my review: He himself was only saved by being thrown into a patch of hook-briars just moments before the attack. The writing whispers evil thoughts into your mind.


It begins when he is 13 and already a stone cold killer with a horrific past. Before the thorns taught me their sharp lessons and bled weakness from me I fulmihi but one brother, and I loved him well. He aims to become king by the time he is fifteen, and once you meet you, you won’t be betting against him! Alright, once he makes his grand entrance back at the castle, that’s when this show really gets going. Again, not that I support the behavior or even that I enjoy reading about it. And n Pretty much everyone in this book is a damn bastard!

He is in fact what I would imagine Royce would be like so there in reason to write such a book as it would pale in comparision.


The veils are thin now. Robin Hobb newly welcomed to Goodreads reviewed my book on Goodreads! And to be quite honest, I kept hoping little Jorg would somehow redeem himself. I hope to see more things in the plot next book.

View all 14 comments. I liked getting to know Jorge in his flashbacks to his childhood, Edi liked seeing how Jorge became a monster I thought what he went through was very fitting to the title and it was good il principe dei fulmini read, I feel like I understand him now, lol.

Sexytimes with a willing hooker is much more pleasant than going the old forcible rape route. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic. Many have said that Jorg, the main protagonist, is too young. But he has other endearing qualities though, right? But i want a physical copy, for some reason i have hard time concentrating when i read ebooks. You know they’re my weakness omg.

Mar 12, Anne rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Jorg has the ability to master the living and the dead, but there is still one thing that puts a chill in him. You can only win the game when you understand that it IS a game.

But, beyond any doubt, this is a book that every fantasy fan should read at least once – and many will read over and over again. I plan on getting those pretty little grey copies of the trilogy and the prequel from BD at the end of the month.

That makes this journey in his sick head all kind of fascinating.

Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #1) by Mark Lawrence

I think it’s time to finish this bad boy. This dude can get inside your head, read your thoughts, and control your body. Now take me to Coddin before I lose my famously good temper. Mark Lawrence [My new book Grey Sister is out now! After seeing mixed reviews and controversy, I expected PoT to be a lot more violent and disturbing than it actually was. LOOK That’s officially ten types of awesome right there! In other words, they may have been scum, but they weren’t very hard to manipulate.

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Book Giveaway For Il principe dei fulmini (La trilogia dei fulmini, #1)

But there’s not much he can do but play along. He’s had it bad, gulmini his attitude, outside of all the really bad stuff which is a lotis pretty compelling and I loved it. It doesn’t matter the odds either, he has no fear of such petty things and it’s great, especially given his age, which as I principd above, in no way phased me and really only added to my enjoyment of the story.

But hello, have you met Jorg??? Also the fulkini was freakishly fantastic.

Rereading Prince of Thorns after completing the series, I realize now how many details hint what will happen in Jorg’s future, and this is brilliant. Despite pricnipe this, I found myself rooting for Jorg, especially as more of his past is revealed, and principee learn why he I’ve heard of dark fantasy and anti-heroes, but this is the darkest fantasy with the anti-est anti-hero I’ve ever encountered.

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I love magic and as soon as that component was added in I loved this book. At any rate, the kid is ruthless enough to scare these guys into submission. Maybe we’re born new each dawn, a little changed, a little further on our own road.