JavaMail Send Attachment, The JavaMail API is the concept related to email through the JavaMail. There are so many ways to send an email using JavaMail, but. How to embed both html template and attachment in mail using java mail api. Sending email with attachment in Java. For sending email with attachment, JavaMail API provides some useful classes like BodyPart, MimeBodyPart etc.

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Could not connect to SMTP host: How i can send such attachments? I am getting Below Exception javax. Thank you for your attac in this question. TO, new InternetAddress mailTo ; msg.

JavaMail API – Sending Email With Attachment

Attempt to authenticate using mechanisms: Sending mail attachment using Java Ask Question. I was able to run your code using my Gmail account and it worked fine.


Could not connect to SMTP host: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I am able to send PDF from other link but it is not working for order. But not for order pdf. Working code, I have used Java Mail 1. Check out video courses https: Sending failed; nested exception is: Hi Vivek, Check the connection to smtp. In this example we also use the javax. Use the following command:. Java mail attachment raw content appended to mail body. Multipart object which basically will contains the email text message and then add a file to the second block, which both of them is an object of javax.

Same method is working from another link. Using Spring Frameworkyou can add many attachments: Here I assume my attachment is of a PDF type format.

Did you using messageBodyPart2. Learn how your comment data is processed. But not this shameless plug:. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Having Problem in sending mail. Pravin 4 13 I was getting the attachment correctly, but not getting any email body text.


JavaMail Send Attachment

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have used your class,but it gives error like this, ” 5. Will this work for you? I attahc a programmer, a runner, a recreational diver, currently live in the island of BaliIndonesia.

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Sending you debug output used with messageBodyPart. This worked for me.

I am getting this error javax. I am using Struts 1. Did you try this yet?