Java RowSet with examples on Driver, DriverManager, Connection, Statement, ResultSet, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, ResultSetMetaData. This article introduces the JdbcRowSet interface and its basic usage. This class is defined in the package. JdbcRowSet. jdbc rowset, rowset java, jdbc resultset example, jdbc rowset vs resultset, JDBC RowSet Example. In this tutorial you will learn about wSet.

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Working with the JDBC RowSet API

As an example, the following code fragment uses the Connection object con to create a Statement object, stmtwhich then executes a query. The big difference is that it has a set of properties and a listener notification mechanism that make it a JavaBeans component.

An EJB application uses the three-tier model. A JdbcRowSet object can call the method nexttutoriall it can also call any of the other ResultSet cursor movement methods.

The other three are extensions of the CachedRowSet interface, which provide more specialized capabilities. When the rowset makes a connection, it will use the information in its properties, so the programmer or tool will not need to do anything except execute the command string, which you will see later.

If not, the container must start a new distributed transaction and execute the enterprise Bean method in the scope of that transaction.

Rutorial programmer will use his development tool to bring one more component into the application, the editor that will be used to update the rowset. You have also seen how a rowset can provide scrolling and updatability, which the JDBC driver used at the owner’s office does not support.

This class typically includes GUI components. This is true even if the ResultSet object from which the rowset got its data is not scrollable or updatable. There are two points to be made about these lines of code. The rowset’s original price of 9.

The owner of The Coffee Break wanted a scrolling rowset so that he could easily make updates to a particular row. After reading data from or writing data to its data source, the RowSet object disconnects from it, thus becoming “disconnected. As you have just seen, the rowset used in our EJB example is a CachedRowSet object that is created and populated on the middle tier server. If no one has changed values in the table, the rowset’s original values and the values in the database should be the same.


Here is the code a tool would generate to set the command string, the data source name, the user name, and the password properties for the CachedRowSet object crset. We will examine the code more closely after you have looked at it. A global transaction will always occur within the context of a distributed application because by definition it requires at least a client and two servers.

A ResultSet object that is not scrollable can use only the next method to move its cursor forward, and it can move the cursor only forward from the first row to the last row. With scrolling, you can move the cursor in any direction and can go to a row as many times as you like.

Using RowSet Objects

So far the programmer has created a CachedRowSet object and set its properties. The first JavaBeans component, called Projector, was one that the owner bought from an economic forecasting firm. These properties and a RowSet object’s event notification capabilities explained in a later section are what make a RowSet object a JavaBeans component.

It may have yutorial tiers, a client and server.

JDBC RowSet Example

The preferred way is to use a DataSource object, but it tutoriial not be practical for you to register a DataSource object with a JNDI naming service, which is generally done by a system administrator.

The difference is that you must move the cursor to a position after the last row, and previous moves the cursor toward the beginning.

However, by creating a JdbcRowSet object populated with the data from a ResultSet object, you can, in effect, make the ResultSet object scrollable and updatable. A RowSet object is scrollable and updatable by default, so by populating a RowSet object with the contents of a result set, you can effectively make the result set scrollable and updatable.

Let’s look at the implementation of this method, which creates and populates a rowset, and then look at how its invocation and execution are spread out over the three tiers. In addition to updating the database with the new values in rows four and five of the rowset, the acceptChanges method will set the values that the rowset keeps as its “original” values.

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Now let’s look at the rest of the implementation of the getCoffees method. The limitation of ResultSet is reduced to a great extent if we use RowSet.

There are two types of RowSet objects — connected and disconnected.

They can also be used to provide scrollable result sets or updatable result sets when the underlying JDBC driver does not support them. Thanks for your registration, follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date. This is useful where communication between disparate component is established via XML.

Being a JavaBeans component, a RowSet object has the ability to participate in event notification. This section covers the following topics: The following code defines the interface Coffees. The third tier is one or more database servers. So far you have seen two interfaces with one thing in common: It imports four packages because it uses elements from each one. In other words, any ResultSet object produced by this legacy database does not have a scrollable cursor, and the data in it cannot be modified.

If you have run the method createStatement without any arguments, rs would not be scrollable or updatable, and neither would jdbcRs.

RowSet objects are derived from the ResultSet interface; as a result the capabilities of ResultSet objects are inherently derived. What is your job title? The current values that the writer enters will be used as the original values when a new set of updates is made. These additional capabilities make it more flexible and leverage productivity when used effectively. Therefore, the rowset does not need its concurrency property set.

With a non-scrollable rowset or result set, you are limited to iterating through the data once and in a forward direction. For example, the enterprise Bean we will use has three methods.