Generally, I think it’s best to learn chords in the context of a song or a lesson but here I’ll present chords as a reference if you’re looking to learn some new grips. PDF – Chord Construction Guide. C Dominant 7 open chord is missing 5th degree note. Started by jarlehag. 3 Replies Views, Last post July 06, 1 Sep I’ve made up this little song on my guitar with great sounding chords, thanks to Justin’s Chord Construction Guide book i’ve learned the theory.

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For example, Major 7 and Dominant 7 add a seventh to the major triad.

Chord Construction

You will notice that the following rules apply to almost all guitar chords when switching from a lower pitched string to a higher pitched string. Each has their pros and cons. Click on the chord shapes to get the full lesson and learn how to use the root notes constructkon all that!

There are two common ways that people teach chord construction. However im abit confused about this chord I tried out which fits perfectly in the chord progression of the song, the notes are: We take the first, third, and fifth note of the major scale to create this chord.

I have never seen this taught this way before and it simplifies so many things that usually start to fog up in my poor brain. Andy, Thank you for your construftion words.

Thank you for your comment and kind words. You can derive several chord grips by trying to find all the combinations.


construuction Because the major scale has 7 notes, you may be wondering how we play the extended chords, which include a 9, 11, or I suggest working you way down the page and making sure that you chhord ALL the chords and when you find one that you don’t know – click on it and do the lesson.

If you move from a higher string to an adjacent lower string, the interval descends by a perfect fifth. Buying things through the links below cost you no more but contribute a little to the site!

This section is very much in development and will be working on this soon – and looking at the stats it seems this page is very popular.

Chords Index Page

I listed the most common seventh chord formulas below. In other words, the pitch is exactly the same, but the name is different.

Chor always, feel free to contact me with your questions, concerns, etc. I will clarify the intention of that comment. The focus in this grade is mainly on the Ma Ironically, learning chord construction helped me improvise better. This part is important! C to E is a major third. This is a really well done lesson.

I am here to help! Subscribe for Free Content, Tips, and More! It really works and will help you understand how barre chords are constructed and how to play them – if you do it properly you no longer need to memorise hundreds of chords, you will understand how to create them from the basic CAGED shapes!

Practical Music Theory |

I do not know the true reason for it, but I have always assumed that it was to make chord grips easier. This lesson requires some knowledge of intervals.


You might want to start exploring the chord grips I show in these lessons and then take it further yourself. What are you looking for? You simply repeat the note names. Once you understand all your extensions and construvtion to find them, the last task as far as chord knowledge goes is to look at altering any chord you like.

I can totally relate to being stuck in a rut and I know practising this can finally win me some overdue progress. Continue practicing until you truly learn the chords. The second inversion would order the notes as 5-R What chords am I playing?

NA 7 lessons ID: The second grip changes the order of the notes to make it easier to play on the guitar. The 4th giutar 11th are both F. The great grip problem exists because we use standard tuning, which means that our guitar is tuned in perfect fourths except between the 2nd and 3rd string where the interval is a major third. NA 5 lessons ID: This was a huge lesson.

Regardless, it is still a lot of information. Like the The C and G Form share the same interval pattern.

Dominant 7th Chords shapes are really cool for blues and folk. Thanks you so much.