La mas famosa novela de Tom Sharpe, en la que el autor no deja titere con cabeza. El protagonista, Henry Wilt, encadenado a un empleo demencial como. Reseña de Wilt, novela de humor británico a cargo de Tom Sharpe. Primera parte de una saga de cinco libros. Valoración: Ovación. Tom Sharpe w hat he w ould do if he w as appointed M inister of Education or, better still, Prim It’s as m uch as I can do to get him to take the dog for a w alk.

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The great thing about Tom Sharpe is he insults all of his characters. Met het verstrijken van de tijd is dat nu niet meer vol t Het lijkt wel een eeuw geleden dat ik dit boek voor het eerst las.

The same applies to his family house in Sunderland; and I don’t know if there is anything from the South Africa period. The mere fact that I had never read Sharpe suggests my naive isolation. They are perfect if you are looking for light relief or need cheering up. Sep 28, Michael rated it really liked it. Jan 05, JonSnow rated it it was amazing. Having read it before several times!

Que, por acaso, estava a passar o fim de semana com um casal americano e sem qualquer contacto Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 13, Libros Prohibidos rated it it was amazing.

Si bien la historia tiene momentos divertidos, no han sido desternillantes. The book had me laughing like a loon several times and my heart was totally taken by Henry Wilt, the downtrodden everyman who manages to stand up to and best the establishment after a comical series of events culminate in him being arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. De onzin van de uitwassen rond de vrouwelijke drang tot emancipatie die toen zelfs manifest werden in een voorheen deftige krant als de NRC worden nog eens in hun volle omvang in de lihro geroepen.


This book was uproariously hilarious!

The Wilt Alternative (Wilt, #2) by Tom Sharpe

One week it’s judo, the next opera, followed by poetry or perhaps flowers arranging. Written in shapre, some of it is a bit dated, but for the most part it is still a wonderfully fresh sendup of domestic life in bottom level academia.

Of course, since you’re a kid, my telling you these are inappropriate for you will likely make you read them. It’s an incredible read.

Don’t make the mistake of reading this book in public. The novel was immensely popular and a bestseller, although not liked by everyone. The misunderstandings are compounded, Henry enjoys more and more his manipulations of the authorities, until madness and mayhem rule the day. His protestations of innocence lead the police to decide that he has not only killed his wife, but the missing couple as well.

Eva is back as well, and in this 2nd Wilt book, the couple have been blessed with issue. If Tom Sharpe makes fun of wives and marriage, it’s a joke. This gap had potentially serious life-consequences. Not a relaxing Sunday afternoon read! All the while he is pursued by the tenacious police inspector Flint, whose plodding skills of detection and deduction interpret Wilt’s often bizarre actions as heinous crimes. If you run across a copy, either online or at your favorite used bookstore, by all means grab!


Superb economy of prose in some spots: Sharpe’s prose is exceedingly clever, articulate, witty–biting. It isn’t exclusive to one gender or character. Its success let to the author writing several sequels. It was funny, but not hilarious; enjoyable, but not good enough for me to go searching for more of his stuff.

It was a great read the first time 30 years ago, and it still is. Books with missing cover.

The Wilt Alternative

How could I pick fault with this book when eilt is just so entertaining. View all 6 comments. When they attend a party at the home of an American couple of Henry’s workmates, all hell breaks loose.

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Tom Sharpe’s Wilt stays in Catalonia

This is still a very funny book, surely a gold-standard member of the British humour club. This is a genius book and a hysterical read. Mar 17, Maria rated it liked it.

Wilt is a middle aged man who aspires to a life of peace and tranquility and yet constantly finds himself amidst chaos – admittedly some of his own making. Re-reading after many years. It and its sequel made me laugh out loud, as did other Dee books, and it’s good to see it’s taking on new life.

One of the funniest books I ever read.