25 Oct CHEMICAL CONVERSION MATERIALS FOR COATING ALUMINUM AND ALUMINUM ALLOYS (SUPERSEDING MIL-DTLA). MIL-DTLB(AMENDMENT1) Chemical Conversion Materials for Coating Aluminum and Aluminum , Download. MIL-DTLB Chemical Conversion Materials For Coating Aluminum And Aluminum Alloys Document Status Active Information and documents presented .

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The AMS spec is currently used by several aerospace manufacturers, and as such, you would be required to conform to the 81706g of that spec. The “DTL” is indeed short for “detail”, and was done to reflect the move away from ‘how-to’ type specifications, to one that merely lists the important details of the requirements.

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MIL-DTLB – Chemical Conversion Materials For Coating Aluminum And Aluminum Alloys

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(PDF) MIL-DTL-81706B Datasheet download

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January 10, A. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. Ray Kremer Stellar Solutions, Inc. Hey, at least they upped the revision letter!


All the chemicals used are identical. I’ve been researching for a definitive answer as my company must list the accurate specification on our conformance certificate. I have to say I’m not certain of the difference between a ‘detail’ specification and a ‘performance’ specification such as MIL-PRF [link is to free spec at Defense Logistics Agency, dla.

Government and are not subject to copyright protection in the U. Janiece, if the NADCAP folks insist on playing jil games, they should know that Mil-CE is a correct, current, and active document for chemical conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Good luck and get back to us if I have misunderstood the situation. I find no reference that this has actually happened. Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed 81706bb will be deleted.

It’s been a confusing few years as it seems that the feds were trying to move specs from the Mil system to AMS standards, Billie.


All information presented is for general reference and etl not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer. Though obviously everybody should be looking at revision F rather than the older copies.

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Joseph, Probably the answer you are looking for is from Lee Gearhart up near the top of the page from I think the right “update” for Mil-C [link by ed. Although it might be unlikely that there would be any reaction between the two materials, who would want to be on the hook to have to prove it if anywhere down the line the component had trouble of any sort, related or unrelated?

Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution.

Supplier companies like Henkel, Macdermid, Chemetall [a finishing. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Kansas City, Missouri A. Can iml shed light on this? March 28, A. Is there a technical concern if my part were to have been dhl chemical conversion coated with type 1 material and then touched-up in small areas with type II material where there was mechanical damage to the part that required metal to be removed to flatten out a dent and remove a burr?