9 Jan 1-Sentence-Summary: The Game is like a seat right next to Neil Strauss on his rollercoaster ride through the pickup community, where he gets. 12 Dec The Game is the story of how Neil Strauss got into the (then) budding community of pick up artists and transformed his life as a consequence. Written by Neil Strauss, narrated by Neil Strauss. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Neil Strauss

In the field, all knowledge—however esoteric—is power. I may never have been socially comfortable, but at least I knew how neio dress better than those who were.

I’d never seen anything like it. Hold on a minute. And not necessarily because of the information in it, but because of the path it sent me hurtling down. The fallout nearly destroyed his relationship, and in the process taught him that there was a downside to being a pickup artist: If you want to get the 10s, you need to learn peacock theory.

I could never tell if he was experiencing serious angst or just trying to entertain me. After all, some of you need something with which to convey your charming personalities.

Ever experienced condiment anchoring before? Rules of The Game changed the art of seduction. I hoped he’d remain calm long enough for me to help him. I could tell exactly what he was thinking— because, in my mind, the word evil was anchored to that smile.

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The Game by Neil Strauss

After leaving The New York Times to ghostwrite Jenna Jameson ‘s memoirs, Strauss joined a sub-culture of pick-up artists known as the seduction communitycreating the persona of “Style” in [12] and pseudonym of “Chris Powles”, eventually publishing an article in The New York Times about his experiences in Though I was surprised by Paula’s quiet compliance, for Dustin this seemed to be business as strwuss.

Your nose wiggles when you laugh. He looked like a computer geek who’d been bitten by a vampire and was midway through his transformation. If she squeezes back, its on.

I imagined Twotimer mouthing the word evil in the background. Then she will link those feelings of attraction to you. Fortunately, Mystery soon arrived. I read anthologies sttrauss women’s sexual fantasies, like Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, in order to internalize the idea that women actually want sex as much as—if not more than—men; they just don’t want to be pressured, lied to, or made to feel like a slut.


hst He was considering it. Out of all the potential pickup artists in the world, I couldn’t believe that Mystery was choosing me. I showed Elonova an ESP trick Mystery had taught me earlier that ever ning, in which I guessed a number she was thinking between one and ten hint: Then I traced my hand all along her body, first at a distance and then lightly touching it.

It is a taboo among men to picture their best friends naked or having sex, because then they might find themselves aroused—and we all know what that means. He just happened to have charisma and talent, which drew others to him and prevented him from ever being left alone in the world. He had the complexion, however, of a man whose natural hair color is red. It was his hobby, his passion, his calling. There is the ‘justfriends’ one who you’ve Known for so long, who respects you So much that you can’t do what you want.


I walked into the store and found her in an aisle looking at mailing envelopes. I climbed inside, thinking I was hot shit for numberclosing in front of them all. He was not the most polite person I’d ever met. Four days later, as I sat at home alone on a Saturday afternoon watching the videos Grimble had given me, he called with good news.

So what I gathered from the conversation was that here was a guy who’s had all the sex he wanted his whole life and, at seventy-three, he’s still chasing tail. In fact, this rejection sttrauss such a universal experience that Ross Jeffries invented not just an acronym for it, LJBF, but a litany of responses as well. A PUA must make a woman comfortable enough to give him her number. Archived from wtrauss original on February 22, It was the only poem I’ve ever attempted in my life.

Neil Strauss, author of pick. With his round, babyish face, he looked like a Grimble clone who’d been inflated by a bicycle pump.