‘Cricket’ is what he loves and ‘white hairs’ something he doesn’t. It brings a sense The title of Mistry’s story betrays the expatriate voice reminiscing on earlier. 16 Jan Of White Hairs and Cricket Growing Up and Loss of Innocence Characters used to present the theme. The Father (Daddy)- ” and for all. Start studying Of White Hairs and Cricket – Rohinton Mistry. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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It is also noticeable that there is an element of conflict in the story.

Short Story Analysis: Of White Hairs and Cricket by Rohinton Mistry – The Sitting Bee

White hair is metaphor for old age and infirmity. Written in first person, it weaves in and out following a stream of consciousness kind of style.

One by one, the things I misrty dear were leaving my life.

In spite of his hardships, the son and the father share a loving relationship. It was “worn”, or tired halrs past its prime. Present to your audience Start remote presentation.

Analysis of ‘Of White Hairs and Cricket’, by Rohinton Mistry | Academic De Stressor

I resented her speaking against Daddy and calling me a child. He is putting others before himself. He wants to help them and though this is admirable the reality may be that the narrator through feeling guilty is blaming himself for the circumstances that his family find themselves in. Though chocking with grief, his adolescence does not let him cry or express his love for his father and his friend. He wants his younger son to be able to go to the US to study.


The protagonist is guilt ridden at the flippant way in which he had spoken to Viraf when he father had been sick. The boy does not relish this task. Share on Google Plus Share.

Swimming Lessons – Of White Hairs and Cricket Summary & Analysis

The narrator wants to be there for his family. The mother, however, is not carried away like the father. The mother, a long suffering individual, struggles with an old kerosene stove that flavors all the food with the smell of kerosene. The boy is going to meet his best friend, Viraf. He sees that his father is not as young and full of life as he pretends, and this deeply affects whute son. He wants to cry, he wants to hug his father, say sorry for walking away with the task of removing the white hair undone but he finds that though he is wrought by grief inside, he cannot express any of it.

He says that it was “leaving” his life, as if it were a person instead of simply a game.

It is not as though the narrator is a bad son or grandson. The Father Daddy – ” He wants to appear young so that he might get selected for a job. He is jobless at the moment but hopes that something will come his way soon. He only has to ask the narrator and he will not refuse rohintkn father. He knows that he cannot defeat time by having the white hairs of his head removed. In fact he does not lose his sense of humor. She thought it would bring them bad luck. How is the protagonist the catalyst for the war of words between Mamaiji and his parents?


Putting down the tweezers, he picks up the Sunday paper and goes out.

Of White Hairs and Cricket

It is as though the narrator is beating himself with a stick yet there is no need for him to do so. He notices the shabby room in which they are with its peeling plaster. anf

Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: He heads home acutely conscious of the sorrows and uncertainties around him. Share on Facebook Gohinton.

White hairs- “Each Sunday, the elimination of white hairs took longer than the last time. Attention spans, storytelling, goldfish and more Latest posts.

What both of them refuse to admit is that by the next week, more will have grown, and getting rid of them will not keep them from coming back.

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