Paul Kimmage’s boyhood dreams were of cycling glory—wearing the yellow jersey, cycling the Tour de France, and becoming a national hero. He knew it. Rough Ride has ratings and 62 reviews. John said: I love this book!! Even if you dislike the prickly nature of Paul Kimmage and his abrupt style yo. Rough Ride is a William Hill Sports Book of the Year, written by Irish journalist Paul Kimmage in It is an autobiography that charts the author’s upbringing .

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But the holier than thou attitude of the recovered alcoholic does get annoying at times.

17 things we learned from the Paul Kimmage ‘Rough Rider’ film · The42

The three men remained close as Kimmage settled into their professional shadow, a decent journeyman who was once road race champion of Ireland and rode in the Tour de France, but never a star of their calibre. Now that the WADA and UCI are handing out career ending bans, perhaps someone will finally write the book kummage uncovers modern drug use.

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For his part, Brown claimed there are taxation issues and liabilities associated with the fund which he has taken on personally and that if the case against Kimmage is ever recommenced, the fund will pay his Defence bills. Rjde career includes ninth on stage 7 of the Tour de France before completing the Tour in st place his only finish in three participations of the Tour.

We must observe his shame, and try to taste his guilt. There is no one bigger than this sport. But I was a bit naive. It was an interesting summer. Doping was pervasive in the sport. Amateur boxing may have destroyed itself last weekend – and Ireland He left the Sunday Independent for The Sunday Times and had a decade there before being laid off last year. Taking amphetamines, not to win, but merely to keep up in kmimage with pre-determined outcomes. But others took him by surprise. Switch to Mobile Site Night mode.


He knew it wouldn’t come easy, but he was prepared to put in the graft: Nobody stands up for the clean guys, who were screwed and ignored.

This book ended more than a few friendships, as the author kim,age in the preface. Retrieved 26 November Paul Kimmage’s diary and description of the grimmer, prosaic, desperate, and downright sleazy aspects of professional cycling ought to have received a great deal of press, but there is a strong sense that the cycling world isn’t interested in vindicating one of it’s own.

Paul Kimmage

I looked at the pen, spun it around in my hand like an infant examining its first soft toy. This was published in !

It is a powerful and frank account that breaks the law of silence surrounding the issue of drugs in sport. There is a little boy on his knee who has leaned in to whisper. In Kimmage was named among the top 10 most influential sportswriters in Britain by the trade publication, UK Press Gazette.

It was first published in May and the thing that stands out, when I reflect on that turbulent summer, is a front page of the Evening Press. But it’s also been an emotionally tough year for the award-winning sportswriter and it’s clear that a few people wouldn’t make his Christmas card list.

Kimmage was named one of the top ten most influential sportswriters in Britain, but was laid off by the Sunday Times after a decade there. The background to his losing his job was his stance on doping in sport, he says.

It’s a time for taking stock and, perhaps, for giving thanks.

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Rough Ride: Behind the Wheel with a Pro Cyclist

InI wrote about Sky, a Murdoch company, and was told ‘we can’t run that’. Kimmage looks back to me. The book is a heart breaking tale of how a childhood dream is ruined by the harsh realities of being part of the professional cycling world. They met in on the same day that Kimmage met his wife, Ann — she had been working for Walsh, taking notes for the journalist after a cycling tour, which finished in the Phoenix Park.


The dedication began to pay off. I bought a copy of Pirlo and scanned the shelves for Rough Ride. Trying so hard that I felt a headache coming on and a few drops of sweat slide down my face. Passengers in stitches over flight attendant’s hilarious take on safety Some of these — the headline-making villains of cycling — you’d expect.

Rough Ride: Behind the Wheel with a Pro Cyclist by Paul Kimmage

This book kimmae for those who love cycling, but are grown up enough to realize why professional cycling can and should never be uncritically idealized. His father had managed Sean Kelly during the Tour of Ireland and Stephen Roche was a contemporary of Paul’s — they would go to youth hostels together as teenagers.

Speaking of which, I would be VERY interested to read a book by Kimmage about what has happened to him since he last updated this book, and the vindication I hope he feels now that kimmmage of pro-cycling’s dirty laundry Armstrong’s, in particular is out in the open.

Several weeks later during the Nissan Classic in which Kimmage finished eighth, Kelly thanked Irde, Earley and Kimmage for closing the gap to a break and ensuring his yellow jersey. Something unattainable and incompatible with your personal boundaries due to aspects of the profession which are never brought to light.