Paul Kimmage’s boyhood dreams were of cycling glory—wearing the yellow jersey, cycling the Tour de France, and becoming a national hero. He knew it. Rough Ride has ratings and 62 reviews. John said: I love this book!! Even if you dislike the prickly nature of Paul Kimmage and his abrupt style yo. Rough Ride is a William Hill Sports Book of the Year, written by Irish journalist Paul Kimmage in It is an autobiography that charts the author’s upbringing .

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Oct 02, John Penn rated it it was amazing. Racing day after exhausting day. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hij heeft eeen paar woorden fough voor een ‘voormalig’ dopingzondaar zoals Pelizzotti: Dublin Comic Con Longitude in pictures: E incluyo incluso muchas en las que es un periodista profesional el que plasma por escrito las historias que le ha relatado el deportista.

Dublin celebrate All-Ireland glory In pictures: It didn’t go anywhere, it was simply on the good shelf in Nazareth. I wanted to do it from the moment I saw him.

17 things we learned from the Paul Kimmage ‘Rough Rider’ film

He rode the Tour de France inand They are part of the problem and have been for 20 years. The Bible never said it was of great monetary worth. The book is a heart breaking tale of how a childhood dream is ruined by fide harsh realities of being part of the professional cycling world.

Yet Rough Ride remains the work he is most proud of.

Schmidt promises a place in the stands for players looking beyond Argentina. However, I think it serves its purpose and is perfect for what it is. I will still enjoy watching cycling events, only now I will be more rids, will see new things, and will enjoy them in a different way.


Please select the reason for reporting this comment. In Kimmage was laid off from the Sunday Times.

Related Riders Alberto Contador Velasco. But maybe that’s because Kimmage didn’t want to point fingers They need someone to hold their hand.

Maybe were taking two steps forwards and one back but it’s going to be a long process. The reality is harsh, as reality tends to be, and is a relief from the usual stories that focus only on the excitement, glamour, and prestige.

Still aroused my love of cycling while uncovering the real truths of a broken sport. Finally, the flash of inspiration arrived. Second paragraph The ink cartridge was blue. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For his part, Brown claimed there are taxation issues and liabilities associated with the fund which he has taken on personally and that if the case against Kimmage is ever recommenced, the fund will pay his Defence bills.

In his teens, Kimmage pursued cycling with an almost maniacal zeal, forsaking girls, discos and drink, going to bed every night at 9pm. When I found out it was on the second rest day, that was the give away for me. And there was a sense that things would change and the problem would be addressed.

Paul Kimmage’s succinct narration of doping in cycling is a fine example of sports journalism.

Paul Kimmage: On track after a rough ride

Not drugs that would ensure victory, but drugs that would allow you to finish the race and start another day. He wrote for The Sunday Times newspaper and others, and published a number of books. He also represented his country at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Californiain the team time trials, where the team placed 16th of A good read only marred slightly by the self righteous attitude of the author. Kimmages initial enthusiasm is as obvious as his eventual cynacism.


Rough Ride (book) – Wikipedia

The spoils were commensurate with this. Reading the book I was almost asking the author what did he expect from his career when he seems to train so little. And would that really make it better? I prefer to be my own man — to klmmage on my own, to form my own opinions, and to stand or fall by those opinions.

Wire service provided by Associated Press. It is 20 years since Paul Kimmage first published ‘Rough Ride’, his very personal and critical account of his professional racing career and the problems of doping in cycling. Basically I wanted to be him. And then in July, during the Tour de France, there was a spectacular bust-up, foreshadowed, Kimmage says, by other disagreements.

Nov 02, Gordon Shaw rated it really liked it. Kimmage had been a sports journalist with the Sunday Independent in Ireland.

Kudos to Kimmage for coming clean. That is absolutely class! Notable performances as an amateur included kimmahe July where he became the national road race champion ahead of the old but still competitive Paddy Flanagan. This morning, I rode out of Toulouse on the twelfth stage of the Tour de France with a week head.

Furthermore, I think a lot of other people would jimmage able to relate to this story.