About the SCBCD exam Do I first have to pass the SCJP? Yep. The Business Component Developer exam, the Web Component Developer exam, and the. SCBCD. Prerequisite: Certified Java Programmer or passed exam or Exam number: Exam type: Multiple-choice and drag & drop. Welcome to the SCBCD series, where you can create a part, view technical specifications, and view removable contacts.

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I’m just curious to the reason that others who are pursuing this cert made the decision to and what they hope having it will do for there lives.

Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) Salary | PayScale

I didn’t care though, for reasons I’ll go into in my last paragraph. Okay, so I’ve established my belief that studying for certifications is good regardless of whether or not it helps you to get a job. Getting back to the point of this thread A lot of times you will be interviewed by several people, many of which are not at all technical.

I think Certifications can make the difference in getting you an interview. Hi All, The point explained by Anthony really thought provoking They tried to know what projects you are involved in and they cared about if you have already known the business logics before hiring you.

Salary for Certification: Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)

When I started, I had a little experience with a lot of languages but I was a master of none. This title is out of print and no longer for sale. From the employers point of view, unfortunately, experience is ultimately what will get you the job! To be honest they dont really care about my 2 years programming experience VB etc. I don’t think so: Thanks again for that wonderfull,inspiring post.

About the book Although SCBCD Exam Study Kit has only one purpose — to help you get certified — you will find yourself returning to it as a reference after passing the exam.


They are almost exactly like our mock exam questions, with one big difference—the real exam tells you how many answers are scbdd, where we do not. It is also for those specializing in leveraging the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition J2EE platform technologies used to develop server-side components that encapsulate the business logic of an application.

My hope is that having this cert along with my other two certs will be benefitial to me obtaining employement in this field. What courses should I take? Although SCBCD Exam Study Kit scbc only one purpose — to help you get certified — scbcr will find yourself returning to it as a reference after passing the exam.

I decided a long time ago to take control of my career and scbcx be dependent on my company to give me the perfect experiences to move up in the field. I also learnt sxbcd ways of doing the same thing. I believe that it is thus necessary to have both the breadth of knowledge that comes with studying for a cert as well as the working knowledge that comes with writing real code. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower zcbcd nothing but a cabbage with a college education.

Is certification worth it? If the client terminates or if the server shuts down, the underlying services ensure that the entity bean data is saved. He seemed pleased by my answer and by my attitude. The person that interviewed me questioned why I got the cert and I said I was interested in Java and wanted to take my scbcc in that direction.

Which is why you need this book Like some people here ive had the same doubts about the time and effort im putting into these certifications. He doesn’t just know that you can use a technology to do “A,” he knows scbcx you can use it to do “B” and “C” as well.

Why is the exam based on J2EE 1. But your post has made me to rethink about my decision. If you don’t want to pay them from your own pocket and want to get certified in EJB development, please follow this site study notes.

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It also shows that you have the intelligence to understand technology concepts. I also agree with David. Recruiters look for a lot of things when they interview someone, not just technical ability. He has taught Java and other technology courses at San Jose State University and scbcdd been at the ground floor of several startups.

Coz giving exam requires lot of time and perfection. I now know much more than I need to in order to do my job. A message-driven bean combines features of a session bean and a Java Message Service JMS message listener, allowing a business component to receive Scbdd messages asynchronously.

I had some real world stories about how I get the job done and I work well under scbd but I didn’t have any professional Java experience. They think the Customs java work experience is not what they needed.

A person with working knowledge learns as he goes along, by getting real code to run. The time you spend in the tutorial does not count as time spent on the EJB exam.

Head First EJB by Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

Remember, resumes and certifications don’t get jobs With all the posts to this site there is apparantly a strong interest in getting certified. I think there should be separate forum on Javaranch that just discusses certification validity,anything that is related to certification.

Finally, a little work philosophy. I am really happy I have this certification and although I dont have too much idea about EJB and we dont use it. Java tm Programming Language SL