High performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed. Sigma-5 rotary servo motors feature a wide range of outputs from 50W – 15kW. If the servo motor you need is not listed below, view our other servo motors. S-FLAG Flag ship Servo system. Our flagship servo system “S-Flag” servomotors are manufactured for AC Servo Motor [S-FLAG] Catalog July Ver.

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Deviation Counter The deviation counter has the function of counting the deviation of the input pulse and the feedback pulse in the driver. However, once the advantages and disadvantages of servo and stepper motor systems are clearly understood, especially relative to the process or work to be performed, the best selection for a given application becomes much clearer.

Closed-loop stepper systems do not technically compete mororlar against the lower priced servo motor system; so the mitorlar and cons of both type systems should be carefully considered for the application. Smaaash – Virtual reality and servo motors: Title Date Smaaash – Virtual serov and servo motors: The same is true of servo motor systems, while higher torque density, improved electronics, algorithms, and higher feedback resolution have resulted in higher system Bandwidth BW capabilities, and lower initial and overall operating costs for many applications.

Steppers are especially ideal for these type axes because they tend to be easier to design into control systems and less expensive on initial setup. It is all about utilizing these technologies with balance to achieve the desired process performance for a given machine design while balancing cost versus the capability of the required mechanism. In contrast, servo motors with comparable torque do not start to fall off until around 2, to 4, rpm or more Figure B.


The issue of whether to use a stepper or servo is dictated by sedvo application in most cases. Connect with the best — locally and globally.

Product Selectors Enter your performance and serbo requirements to find the right Kollmorgen products for your application. Use the search to find answers to all your motion questions. User Manuals Wiring Diagrams. Add a feature request.

Input output “OFF” indicates that the current is not sent into the photocoupler transistor inside the driver.

Stepper Motor vs Servo Motor Comparison | Kollmorgen

Properly sized open-loop step motor systems, will stay in sync without any confirmation feedback, but are limited to point-to-point moves with only the possibility of sequential or pseudo coordination between the commanded axes. Servo Drives Motor-drive compensation motolrar referred to as tuning or comp, once considered the bane process of servo users is, for the most part, history.

Encoder The encoder is a sensor that notifies the driver of the speed and position of the motor. They are typically lower cost, have common NEMA mountings, offer lower torque options, require less costly cabling, and their mogorlar loop motion control component makes machine integration simplistic and provides ease-of-use to end users.

motirlar Not just for developers This continuous back-and-forth actuator motion is called, hunting, similar to another term, dither, a purposely induced actuator movement e.

They provide high continuous and peak performance and excellent dynamic response.

Rotary Servo Motors

Enter your performance and sizing requirements to find the right Kollmorgen products for your application. Where repeatability and resolution are an issue, traditionally servo motor territory, steppers may now be considered. S The S is a digital servo drive with extended functionality to support complex drive tasks. Rotary Motors Our Rotary Servo Motors meet the demanding requirements of high-performance motion systems.

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KEB – Servo Motors

This is your one-stop-shop for Kollmorgen product support and learning. With a required speed range between 1, to 3, rpm, the motor type that should be used may be determined by such application requirements as horsepower, peak torque at speed, continuous RMS torque and repeatability.

The innovative Moog Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor also called Fastact J addresses the motoralr needs for more dynamics and higher moyorlar in a variety of highly dynamic industrial applications. Manufacturers have taken much of the guesswork out of servo tuning motor-drive-mechanism compensation of the closed-loop system and determining when a system needs maintenance.

For steppers, the requirement is that the load must be predictable, or subject to only small external forces and disturbances, where tight coordination between axes is not required.

Torque and Speed Considerations Although servo motors are designed to run at high speeds, they can accurately run at extremely low speeds under very precise control, even down to 1 rpm and below with proper preparation.

The Fastact H motor is available in a wide range of sizes, with nominal torques from 0. Enclosure Motorlad Enclosure Fans.