Shiva Sahasranama Stotram (Linga Puranam) In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link. ⇒ Shiva Sahasranama Stotram ( Linga. Category: Nonprofit. Siva Sahasra Nama Stotram Duration: min. Views: Category: People. Sri Siva Sahasranama Stotram – Part 2. Duration: min. The Shiva sahasranama is a “list of a thousand names” of Shiva, one of the most important deities in Hinduism. In Hindu tradition a sahasranama is a type of.

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Bhootapatayae, One who is the head of ghosts and goblins all creatures Havishae, One who is the Oblation, One who enjoys the Havis object Simhagaay, The Lord rides on the lion Ajitaay, He is unconquerable, cannot be vanquished Tarangavidae, One who enjoys the happiness that arises through the possession of objects He kanmada the same in the beginning, middle and the end. Suteerthaay, Who is Himself the pilgrimage, the greatest teacher Vajrinae, The Lord is armed with the thunderbolt Nandivardhanaay, Shaasranama Lord enhances the joy of His devotees Maharushayae, The Lord is the greatest Rishi Maatraabhyoe, The Lord is the form of the every sound vowel, alphabet, syllable Maatra Upakaaraay, One who, fulfills the wishes of His devotees, He is the act of goodness Mundaay, One who is bald Aneetayae, The Lord is the form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds xhiva Durvaasasae, the Lord incarnated as Rishi Durvasas Kailaasagirivaasinae, The one who resides on Mt.

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Dhoomakaetavae, The Lord is the comet of difficulties that are experienced by the sinful Mahaadanshtraay, He has the greatest jaws Yagyabhaagavidae, The Lord knows how the sacrificial offering are allocated among the Devas Grah means that which attracts everything to himself Upadaeshakaraay, the Lord is the instructor, preceptor, knowledge giver Suraadhyakshyaay, One who is the Lord of the Gods Saarangaay, Iannada who is of the form of the bird – Saaranga Sahaay, The Lord is a friend, companion of the Jiva Nipaatitae, The Lord falls into the pit called the body ignorance and desire Bhavah, The Lord is the one and only reality from whom creation emerges and into whom wahasranama dissolves Mitraay, The Lord is Mitra, the Sun Mahaantakaay, The Lord is the greatest Destroyer in whom everything merges at the time of dissolution Kaamanaashakaay, The Lord fulfills the desires of His devotees, one who destroys desire Ketavae, The Lord is the Ascending node, Ketu Krushnapingalaay, The Lord is both dark and fair Hari-Harablack and tawny Ushneesheenae, One who wears a diadem or turban Daehaay, One who dwells in the body Bhootachaarinae, One who roams in the company of ghostly beings, elements etc.


Durvaasasae, One who does not care about His appearance, clothing, ill dressed or naked