SIMOREG K 6RA22; converter with mircroprocessor from 12kW to kW in circulating-current-free inverse-parallel (B6)A(B6)C connection. Entry. Associated . SIEMENS. SIMOREG K. 6RA22 converter with microprocessor in a fully controlled three-phase bridge circuit connection B6C. *IIII. III. SIEMENS. SIMOREG. I am looking for Simoreg K 6RA22 manual. I already seached in the siemens website but unable to get the manual. Can anyone send me the.

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It is used for position-controlled winder drives e. The product standard therefore does not specify limit values for these systems. The material web tension is governed solely by the weight of the compensator roll or its load. Since we can make More information. A supplementary setpoint, preset via a simlreg, can be added to the speed controller output value current setpoint via a summing amplifier connected after the speed controller.

If the unit is to be screwed on with the wide side of the bracket, the two retaining clips for DIN rail mounting should first be removed. The supplementary board mainly contains the following functions: Now for your F34 problem: The simogeg data, selection and ordering data Order Nos.

Power supply Find the cost-effective solution for your power. Information about the Machine More information. The current setpoint is supplied from the speed controller. It operates in closed loop configuration and provides two ramp possibilities. To ensure electromagnetic compatibility EMC in your cabinets in an electrically harsh environment, and to be able to meet the legal standards, the following EMC rules should be observed during design and installation.


Mounting The Z has the same sinoreg as the basic unit electronics board but only half the height. Intersection Preassembled inch Rack The intersection preassembled inch rack comes fully assembled, wired and 6r22 to be installed in a server rack.

Simoreg K manual

Any fault signal from the protective function is stored and indicated by an LED. The limit monitor sijoreg to detect whether a value has dropped below or exceeded a speed or current setpoint.

The mounting components, spacers and ribbon cable are supplied with the board. Function options provide additional advantages, such as: The winder motor speed is adapted over the complete winding range Full roll i. Circuit description The circuit diagram is shown in the figure. Login Registration As an already registered user simply enter your userame and password in the login page in the appropriate fields. The U is directly screwed onto the cabinet mounting plate. The given 6ra22 spectrum is attained when the values calculated with the following formulae for short-circuit power S K at the connection point of the unit, and the armature inductance L a of the motor coincide with the actual values of the installation.

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By Chandra on 4 April, — 2: After the switch-on command and after the power supply voltages have developed, the power contactor is switched-in through a 6rz22 integrated in the converter, and operation is enabled after a checkback signal and an optional, additional external controller enable signal. The need to install an additional line filter depends on the controller in use and on the type of wiring of the rest of the cabinet. The nonvolatile storage can be canceled by inserting an optional terminal jumper between terminals 27 and Skilled personnel must integrate them in a drive system comprising at least the converter, motor cables and the motor.


You will find Information on the interactive catalogs on the Internet at: Throughout this manual, the following. The inputs with switching function each transfer an external electronic or contact switching signal in a floating arrangement through an optocoupler. The partition plate or metal conduit should be grounded at several points. Discrete assembly of an operational amplifier as a transistor circuit. The actual value voltage is adapted and the maximum speed set by means of two potentiometers for coarse and fine adjustment.

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