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The Angels, Seraphims and Cherubims love you.

Watch after yourself and you will see that as soon as your sahrov rises above your brother, this is followed by evil thoughts. In their inexperience, many believe that one or another saint performed a miracle, but I have learned that it is the Holy Spirit residing sofrlnie a person who performs the miracle. Final Word I f we view the entire two-thousand-year history of Christianity, we can see the endless wealth of achievements of Christian culture.

Peace is lost when the soul becomes vain, treating a brother with condescension, or judging someone, or teaching a brother, but not meekly and without love. Whoever insults him insults the Holy Spirit abiding in him. Our enemies demons fell because of their pride, and call us to follow them, and bring us feelings of praise.

Whoever has not felt grace cannot know what it is to desire it. They collect the sorrowing and the lost sheep of Christ in the churchyard in order that their souls might achieve peace in God. If one has experienced God through the Holy Spirit, his soul burns with love for God day and night, and it can no longer be tied to anything earthly. The fourth, absolute, love for God is to have grace in your body as well as your soul. You can be obedient and reproach yourself in everything — this is a form of humility.

Here is a sign: Blessed is he who does not lose the grace of God, but rises from strength to strength. And all the heavens, all the saints await our repentance.

If people could see the true glory in which a priest serves, they would faint from the sight; and if a priest could himself see the heavenly glory he stands in while conducting the service, he would become a great ascetic, saharpv order not to allow any insult to the grace of the Holy Spirit residing within him.


The most precious thing on earth is osfronie know God and at least in part understand His will. But do not be afraid, and be humble, and the light will disappear. Vom vedea pe Dumnezeu precum este. There is a great difference between the simplest person who has felt the Lord through the Holy Spirit and the person, though he may be prominent, who has not felt the grace of the Holy Spirit.

And without them all the laws, prophets, cultures, are nothing. One humble and meek man was strolling with his wife and three children. But if someone should pray to the Lord and be thinking of something else, this prayer will not be heard.

In the Holy Spirit they have the authority to release szharov or not. On the World of the Soul. A loving soul cannot abstain from prayer, for it strives to reach Him through the grace which it feels by means of prayer. The Holy Spirit sodronie the soul unspoken love for people and sorrow for all those who have lost their way and who are descending into hell. Oh, my brothers, all the earth, repent while you still have time.

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They are the heirs of the Apostles, and they lead us to Christ by the grace bestowed upon them. But in earthly titles there can be no equality; this is of no concern to the soul, however. And whoever is tied to lands and wealth can never have a clear mind in God, because deep within his soul there is always a concern over worldly sahagov.

The Lord, though He is merciful, tests the soul with hunger and does not bestow grace until it learns humility. Whoever fears God in order not to insult Him: Know that if your thought leads you to look at how others live, this is a sign of pride.

God awaits our repentance with mercy. The Lord loves people, but sends them sorrows, so that they can understand their weakness and be humbled, and for their humility they can accept the Holy Spirit. Then your soul is filled with the Lord only, and it has no other thought, it prays to God with a special purity, and feels the love of God, even though the body may suffer.

Any soul that feels burdened by doubt must appeal to the Lord, and the Lord shall answer it. And much else besides. And this is how my soul becomes humble, but this is not yet real humility, which is indescribable. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Thus we became His children, of His Flesh and Blood; and we are like the Lord in flesh as children are like their fathers, no matter their age. He lives in pure pastors; He lives in the hearts of believers; He teaches the soul spiritual feats.


But an eagle, who circles high in the clouds, and sees great distances with his sharp eyes, who hears the sounds of the earth and revels in its beauty, who knows many lands, seas and rivers, and sees a multitude of animals and birds, would not be content to live in a small enclosure with a rooster. Ask, and the Lord shall forgive. They engage in great labors and deeds, and for this they receive the wealth of knowledge of the Saints, whose lives they emulate.

I have lost grace, but the Lord has felt great pity for me and allowed me sofroniee taste an even greater one in His mercy. High to Low Avg. If you speak or write of God, then pray and ask the Lord for help and guidance, and the Sahqrov will aid and teach you. The Lord wants us to love each other; this is the essence of freedom — love for God and for your neighbor. He has renounced Me. This is why obedience is greater than fasting and prayer. I could not speak like this, if the Holy Spirit had not taught me love.

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And so all the saints who have sinned, sinned because they did not call upon God for help and spiritual guidance. The proud soul, even if it has read all the books, will never understand the Lord, for in its pride it does not allow any room for the grace of the Holy Spirit, and God is sahharov experienced through the Holy Spirit.

So too the angels are in the Holy Spirit, but their free will is not taken away. Tens of thousands of beautiful temples, magnificent creations of human genius.