Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 3M executive Gordon Shaw began looking for a more coherent and compelling way to present business plans. He found it in the form of strategic stories. Telling . 4 Nov Strategic plans need to provide cutting insights and expose new Bromiley P. Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

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Planning by narrative is a lot like traditional storytelling. And Enron Boje, a, b used storytelling in theatrical performance to sell its deregulated market strategies to business college professors and world governments.

Strategic Stories: How 3M Is Rewriting Business Planning

Stories can be the best way to package meaning and spur others on to achieve. Customers want design flexibility and larger graphics without higher cost.

Or are they busijess fragments? When the placement is correct, a second adhesive system is activated to bond the graphics in place.

Likewise, a good plan lays out a vision—not just a generic platitude, but a fully enunciated statement of how the business creates value. Training will begin one year from now, and we expect it to take six months. In some cases, the main challenge will be exploiting new technological opportunities.

By the end of the presentation, top management was on board.

Strategic Stories: How 3M Is Rewriting Business Planning

Tuesday August 13, Basically, these planners propose to keep doing good things faster, cheaper, and with more attention to the market. And without understanding the business assumptions, subordinates face just another list of objectives without any confidence that those goals can be reached—and without an essential sense of excitement. Important connections between insights and ideas are storise apart and clumped together in lists or abstract diagrams.


Harvard marketeer, Gerald Zaltman has the focus groups telling stories about metaphors businexs tea se out their most inner feelings. Lists leave us room to move and, in moving, to protect our sense of mastery, certainty, and control.

They will know which product and process developments should, when combined, launch a new generation of fleet graphics. They’re part of the way people at 3M explain themselves to their customers and to one another. Although what follows is highly rewritijg, and it is partly disguised all the numbers have been changed, for exampleit illustrates the value of telling a strategic story:.

Some of these teenage workers live in dormitories with 16 workers sharing a single room. Stories give us ways to form ideas about winning.

Following an outpouring of international pressure, those workers were reinstated. We are in the late stages of developing adhesives and films that can cover windows but allow people to see out.

Strategic narrative

Bullets leave critical assumptions about how the business works unstated. Toward a narrative view of strategic discourse.

How We Win] To summarize, Xtories Fleet Graphics has drawn on diverse technological skills at 3M to create a proposal for transforming its business. People could see the connections as he went from one section of his presentation to the next. The problem with the above agenda is that stories do not emerge fully-formed out of the heads of executives. The problem here is not incompetence; good managers drafted this plan.

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Strategic narrative

And we as researchers, text and article writers are comp licit in marketing the happy kingdom stories to our readers.

Narrative Atrategic for Organizational and Communication Research. The repository dramatically decreases product delivery time from as much as four weeks to as little as three hours.

For example, the strategic story highlighted the importance of addressing specific needs of users in the automotive and semiconductor industries. How do you use the strategic narrative? Alternatively, perhaps windfall profits will let us just buy market share by stepping up advertising and new-product development:.

The plan must tell us how the company can overcome obstacles and win. By having a member of the group collect stories? They remember what they like or find interesting; they do not recall the whole. Cognitive psychologists have established that lists, in contrast, are remarkably hard to remember because of what is referred to as the recency and primacy effects: Some of these factors are straightforward, but others involve complex analysis.

Please review our privacy policy. We plan to transform the industry through several technological advances. What challenges does the company face in this situation?