Andy Leviss is correct about the ‘Berglas effect’ in his review. . Slightly lengthier version: ‘The Mind and Magic of David Berglas’ is a superb. The Mind Magic of David Berglas PDF – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. magic. David Berglass David Britland – The Mind and Magic of David Berglas. May 2, | Author: smicitar | Category: N/A Short Description. David Berglass.

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I was assured by those more experienced than I that Berglas was fairly incompetent!!! The truth is, any and all such criticisms fill a much needed gap.

The Impossible or Too Impossible. The Mind and Magic of David Berglas contains his secrets!

Four spectators select different colored balls from a box and put them in their pockets, then they get a board with a color matrix on one side and numbers on the other.

They had seen him at lectures and said his sleight of hand was awful, that all his work relied on stooges and that he was an arrogant son of a gun to boot.

Kris is absolutely right about the cover. His gift of a paperweight with prediction engraved on it for each celeb guest has stayed in my mind for many years and it’s fascinating now to see the methods dwvid used. No, not missing explanations, but the cover.

Some self-appointed ‘criticis’ have chosen to focus on one or two things which they wanted to be in the book and which they claim have been left out. There’s no need to sit here debating, arguing, etc. And most amazing of all Or, if you want to do yourself a massive favour, just order both of them before they go out of print.


For example, the DIY minv could become a showstopping selling point for someone’s act. As well as being inspirational it is also great when you find you need to be pushed back onto the ‘keep it simple’ rail again. So, if you’re only interested in bergoas, you might become a bit disappointed having to wade magkc Berglas’ life and times.

Many critisize Larry Becker about the new edition but I haven’t seen a review regarding its material besides a review at Visions Online magazine. Would You Make a Reliable Witness? It is already on course tobe one of the fastest sell-outs in magic history, and I do not find this surprising at all. I would just add “think lateral! I didn’t know much but I knew that such magnets would surely muck around with the electronics of the cameras!!!

Regards, Kris Sheglova The above is all rubbish, except that which you chose to believe. A Touch of Black Magic. It is an addictive read, on a par with caramel-coated crack, and serves up example after example of how to create effects which daviid be remembered and talked about for, oh, let’s say a generation or two.

The Mind & Magic of David Berglas

Related to Magic Squares David Berglas I disagree that the “Berglas Effect” handling is tedious. Most agreeing that there was nothing to say it couldn’t be reprinted.

All in al is a really great book. Hahne Publications Average Rating: Plenty, and many revealed for the first time. What IS in this book is far more significant than what some people, as myopic as they are misguided, imagine isn’t. The fuss over “Stunners Plus” was preposterous, and I for one am delighted that Larry Becker saw fit to reissue the material, as I was far too young and stupid to have bought it the first time round, and hadn’t even heard of mentalism when the original came out.


Another one of the tricks is very similar to a piece which I have been performing as my closer for over 12 years. This is a book like books were meant to be.

These Chinese Whispers are so pesky!!! As for the material itself, there is every object lesson you could ever want in terms of achieving a strong, lasting impact with practical, workable methods.

Magic Trick Reviews – Mind and Magic of David Berglas, The Review

You may find the odd dealer has a copy left so if you want one act quickly. My only real complaint is: All it needs is a “Trading Places” spin and you have a piece of gold. Interestingly, the latest newsletter from one major UK dealer mentions that there “may be a reprint and if you want to go on the waiting list, let me know”.

We provide this service for free to all magicians and have no source of income to pay us for our time. Do I have a major criticism?

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Cavid Press Club Prediction. Related to Coloured Discs David Berglas It’s so luxurious that I feel slightly guilty everytime I lift it off the shelf in case I besmirch its purity with my ungodly aura or get peanut butter on it. At times the book is rather like a cock tease, particularly when it comes to the table levitation. Coin in the Bottle. December 14th, 6: But that’s a big IF and I’m sure if it is ever reprinted in another format it will be some time away.

Chair routine Which one Try searching under “Berglas”.