With Derren Brown, Nathan Alfred, Arthur Anderson, Marc Bircham. Derren Brown demonstrates his unique powers of psychological mentalism, hypnotism. Tricks of the Mind [Paperback] [DERREN BROWN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tricks-of-the-Mind. Tricks Of The Mind [Derren Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language:ack. Pub the Date: October Pages.

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Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind – All 4

By the time they’re through, you may forget your manners – but don’t expect to derrwn a punch. Sadly, the whole is poorly structured – we go Amusing and humble, the famous illusionist opens here some doors to his universe, revealing in part what makes a good mental trick. Apparently I missed the part of the blurb where Derren Brown lists his credentials as a historian and scholar of Christianity, and states his intention of disproving God.

A brilliant technique but very briefly explained in this book. Lists with This Book. So far, so good. Unfortunately, his pompous attitude is unavoidable and detracts from what could have been a less irritating final product. Additionally, the material covered in this book is so scattered that it often feels disjointed.

For this reason I am a fiction lover and not non-fiction. The only Derren Brown show I have ever enjoyed was the one in which he went around debunking charlatans who were profiting from the gullibility of others the brosn teaching blind people to see energy, in an effort to give them the kind of preternatural frick afforded by melange overdose to Paul Atreides, was an excellent case in point.

The first chapter just sees Mr Brown going off on a diatribe about Christianity and seemingly religion in general. A moment’s reflection told me that I had passed the couple at the door in the same state.

Thinking fast and slow is a much better book on this topic and most likely the original source for this information as many of the experiments dreren and explained in that book have a link to the author himself.

You must not stop, but keep looking at different perspectives. Brown debunks himself, pre-emptively, and undercuts his cleverness with facetious asides. The central problem with his book is that the phenomena he looks at become less, not more interesting as he describes them. For someone genuinely thinking about taking on the role of a mesmeriser it will hold many juicy titbits, but for someone just looking to be entertained, it can be very dry.


For example, the fact that a person in the story had a gold tooth. Watching his programmes, there is a sense of awe when it comes to his trick I was just about ready to buy anything this man would ever produce, mnd when it was announced that he had a book on the way, I was beside min with excitement.

The other aspect of the book, though linked to some of the mind techniques, is a discussion of mihd act and the associated world of psychics and mediums, and to an extent religion. Derren Brown has a real talent for engaging his audience, be it with his stage performance or, as I have just discovered reading this book, in his writing.

At the heart of the SVA isa nineteen-point list which forms the criteria-based content analysis phase of the assessment. May 18, Joey Vissers rated it it was amazing. Brown included tricks for improving one’s memory and memorising things like the incredible Method of Locitechniques for spotting lies and deception, and others shared with the foundation of NLP for disconnecting with bad memories and reinforcing positive visualisations.

If a book is really meant to challenge your beliefs, this also made me think about how I rhe. Quantity of details The richer the details, the more likely the story is to be true. The latter half of the book serves as a polemic against pseudoscience, mysticism, psychics, and other forms hogwash.

My advice is not to exclude it completely or your mind will become cramped and inflexible. This book wasn’t at all what I expected and perhaps my disappointment stems from me having read other books, better written, dedicated to each individual point. Still a decent and amusing introduction to some Tricks of the mind. Brown offers a good deal of dusty stuff from fo self-development shelves: The list also represents a lovely insight into the sorts of patterns we all fall into when relating events.

Superstitions unite and demarcate communities. He does sections on conjuring tricks, feats of memory, Hypnosis, Reading people, and distinguishing science from pseudo-science i. He mentions the scientist many times, and I hope that no intellectual snobbery prevents the admiration from being reciprocated.

The idea is that they’re all a mix of delusions, confirmation bias, psychological tricks and many other “flaws” of the human psyche he actually explains are the reason he can trick people.

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Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind

Tricks of the Mind 4. That’s what I expected, anyway. At the time I had just had a fish-tank installed at home and was looking for sea-monsters with which to fill it. Equally, a person may well tell the story not from the start but rather by explaining the essential point they want to communicate first before then filling in the background and providing the narrative. He wants to be seen as thoughtful, ethical, and self-deprecating, and is certainly the latter.

Woven into this are autobiographical stories about Derren’s own experiences and beliefs, told with characteristic humour and engaging honesty. Some of his points are interesting, but when I as a reader buy a book by such a brilliant performer, I want to read about the kind of stuff he does in his shows. He stomps brutally on alternative medicine; if a treatment can be shown to work, he says, it’s not alternative, it’s scientific – it’s really one of ours.

Every trickster is a debunker of other people’s tricks. Since then he seems to have kept insisting that the paranormal or parapsychology must have the same psychological root as religious belief.

He thinks of God as a slot machine into which you insert prayers, and which you kick to bits when you don’t get a result. As I alighted from the bottom stair a key sounded in the lock of the front door, and I passed a couple ttrick in as I left.

It is fun to read and Derren gives you a wide range of information of how he does his tricks. Chapter 3 attempts to tackle errors in human thinking. The things that stand out about this book, as I recall it: My guess is that he puts those in there as a way to draw your mind back into the topic, with novelty.

This extraordinary book lifts the lid on the deepest darkest secrets of magic and explores the limits of what can be achieved by the human mind. Firstly, how do you know where the Braille sign is located?