June 14, R. E. DIL-:NER 2,, TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM Fild April 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 F/GJ f Arrow/Ys June 14, R. E. y A. E. DRISSNER ETAL 2,, TOOL TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM Filed Jan. 21, 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 F lG.l. INVENTORS; ALFRED E. Jan. 27, A. BECHLER 2,, TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR AUTOMATIC LATHE Filed Dec. 21, 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ‘III/Il’IIIIII/IIIIIII 2 Jan.

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Thus, the invento control”the indexingimechanismwhich is controlled by mo’v’em’eht’of the turret, yetpoweredbyan independent electric motor.

Another fea- One such I 4 I ture which is essential to the invention is turrst the indexing finger can be moved with a speed independent of that of camshaft 3 at least when the indexing finger performs its active stroke.

A further purpose is to provide an improved automatic control mechanism for machine operation, particularly where the machine cycle includes sub-cycles of operation of different units or supports, and particularly for turret lathes. At the root ofitwo adjoining teethfon each’fof the members Y20, 25, the re-Y spective iillet radii 20f, 25f,terminate at a central Vportion Vb etween ‘eachL-two-teeth vin ajsmall rise’ 20g, 25g,Y mechaism.

USA – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

E hik Row B ? Further, the spindle speed need not be stepped up in order to achieve slightly faster indexing; and thus, the tools on the forming or cut-oif slides may remain engaged with the workpiece and perform work independently of the turret, and continuously perform work for two or even three worl; operations by the turret slides.

It will be noted that the final seating Of the Sprimary turret locating plungerFigs. In such lathes means are often provided which permit the rotary speed of the camshaft to be changed in dependence on the size of the workpieces, so that similar machining operations mechxnism from one another only in their duration may be controlled by one cam.

Thus, the feed solenoid will be energized mechsnism re-engage the feed clutch Also it is important that the turret -be accurately located and locked in indexed position. Alternatively, should the motor control switch reverse Contact R’be closed, they brake 1 25 Awould immediately or instantaneously, bede- ‘energized or released ‘by opening normally closed.

US2870656A – Turret indexing mechanism for automatic lathe – Google Patents

The main object of the present invention is to avoid this drawback and to render the duration of the indexing operation independent of the rotary speed of said camshaft although the mechanisj of the indexing operation is controlled by this camshaft.

Another object is to provide inrexing Geneva movement indexing mechanism for the turret in which the Geneva plate is secured to the bottom of the turret beneath the same, thereby leaving the in- ;side of the turret substantially open and. This fourth limit switch 92 will thus override the control normally established by the second limit switch 84; mechabism hence, the clutch will remain engaged.


A degree rotation of the rotary arm 59 causes a degree rotation of the Geneva gear 56; and because of the 4: Thus, upon a single revolutionof shaft 61 and a corresponding single revolution of indexing control cam 51, the switch A will be momentarily actuated open and the mo-l tor 50 will be stopped upon release of thek motor switchv control by the operator. The shifting fork 80, therefore, causes the worm 71 to be braked to indexijg outer support 13, and the toggle cam 45 causes the cylindrical turret extension 36 to be clamped to the main frame 12 by the clamp mechanism A primary locating plungerFig.

Five tapped holes 90 are provided in the indexing disc It should be noted that the arrangement and number of the parts designated by the reference numerals 6 to 10 may be varied according to the particular requirement.

The electrical control circuit 97 is thereby given a signal to de-energize the solenoid The purpose of the invention is to effect an improved turret indexing mechanism adapted for automatic operation, in which all of the different working positions of the turret may be effected one after another if desired or some of them may be selectively passed over during the indexing, as predetermined by the adjustment of the mechanism.

The rotary arm 59 and locking cam 63 are fixed to a worm wheel 70 which is driven by a worm The Vslide 17 has an annular recessed shoulder 24 formed in the upper side thereof coaxialwith’thecentralaxis of thefturret for receiving a toothed or serrated coupling member 25, whichmates A’ With’rand is complementary’ to the toothed member The means for tightening and loosening binder nut 1 14 will be described hereinafter. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

Another object of this invention is to provide.

It is no longer necessary to increase the entire cycle time merely to obtain a suf ficiently long time during one of the end operations between indexes so that a long forming operation from the slides 21 or 22 could be completed. As is most always the case in automatic lathes, the turret-slide ’32 kechanism brought forward feed or cutting; positions by a znotion-usually referred to as rapid traverse, to.

Search Expert Search Quick Search. Thus, the arm 49 of mechanims locking lever formed by the lever member 45 remains in its lower position and prevents lever 51, 52 from rocking in the clockwise direction Fig.

The brake shoe 74 co-operates with a brake drum 76 fixed to the outer support Figure 9 is a partial right end elevation of the mechanism of Fig. Another object of this invention is to provide turrent indexing mechanism oi the character just mentioned.

Alocking pin 66 accurately locates turret II For this purposethe locking pin 66 is vertically mounted in base 40 and extends upwardly into a recess 61 in the bottom of the corresponding plate 62 beneath the dowel 63 Where it interlocks with the plate and holds the turret accurately indexed during tightening of the clamp band A pull spring 26 has one end attached to a pin 27 secured to the support 20 and its other end attached to a pin 28 secured to the ring 23 and adapted to normally abut against a pin 29 secured to the support 20, thereby holding the ring 23 and the rod 17 in the angular position shown in the drawings in which the indexing finger 16 extends upwardly in a vertical plane crossing the pins Such 72 degree rotational movements of the turret 26 will continue until a turret position is reached wherein there is no stud 91 in the corresponding tapped hole Also the high speed clutch is released.


Since the indexing operation is now completed, the locking finger 62 engages another notch 63 by virtue of the force of a spring 65, thereby locking, the turret In an automatic machine tool having ‘a frame, a turret journalled in said frame for rotation, a main cam drum rotatable in said frame, a plurality oftool slides on said turret, a cam follower co-operating with said cam drum to effect feedmovement of said turret slides, an indexing disc rotatable with said turret in said frame, at least one notch in said indexingvdisc, a Geneva gear rotatable with said indexing’disc, a rotary arm journalled in said frame and co-operating with said Geneva gear-to index same by at least a partial rotation thereof, a worm wheel rotatable with said rotary arm, a worm meshing with said worm wheel and journalled in saidframe, an.

Figure 6 is a plan view of a clamp ring structure shown in Fig. In the present illustrations a separated rapid traverse motor is disclosed and described but the rapid traverse motion may be accomplished otherwise as is known in the art.

US2833023A – Tool turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

The member 59 is disposed on a radius from the center of turret turet substantially at right angles to the longitudinal center line of the turret so that when the turret is indexed and a face thereof is operatively positioned facing the spindle I the pin 69 is close to spindle 43 and in the circular or curved section of a cam track. The turret 55, Figs.

There are two cam rollers 58 on a doubleended rotary arm The present invention is directed to the mechanism for automatically indexing the turret ll upon reciprocation of carriage 3 as set forth in the copending application referred to above.