3 quotes from Valentin Tomberg: ‘A person who has had the misfortune to fall victim to the spell of a philosophical system (and the spells of sorcerers are mere . Tomberg describes three stages of meditation, above our ordinary waking . Valentin Tomberg, in Letter II, refers to the “second birth” as Christian Yoga. Hence. Valentin Tomberg was born in in St. Petersburg. His parents were Lutheran. His mother was a Russian and his father, an Estonian of German origin, was.

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I respect their compassion.

Posted 31 August at It could occur in an instant, should God wishes it so — which may appear as Time to us? The Holy Vaentin is active in some Protestant communities whether in Sacraments, Charismatic worship services or others.

Undoubtedly he was inspired down a certain line of thinking and choices that suited him.

He was subject to every human propensity: Similarly, Tomberg warns about the danger of yoga that is not Christianised. And Prokofieff is right in at least this: But I said this was a temptation. In the stage of intuition, however, all images, words, and thoughts are relinquished. All his works bear witness to this.

May I be frank with you reXteryalizer and say that I think you may be missing several enormous things at once? I am not saying I am identical to Belloc either in my views, but I do have have tremendous sympathy for his views and neither of us are easily categorised. An apology also to any regular readers seeing this comment to Tom, for the same above-mentioned difficulties have been slowing down my responses, both public and personal, as well. This work calls for an extremely precise initiatory logic.

Hitler also had the delirium of desire to occupy the empty place of the Emperor. Of all these new symbols re-composed in the Tarot valenntin Marseille springs new teachings adapted to the XXI st century and initiated by Philippe Camoin and Alexandre Jodorowsky.


Because the emptiness of the valentib speaks, that which we miss knows how to make us sense it. Some will choose a way consonant with the Rosicrucian Protestant impulses of Steiner and the younger Tomberg. But it is a profound place of dignity, utter respect for the rituals, hierarchical in its form etc.

Another contemporary example of possession by a system is Freudianism. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Valentin Tomberg (Author of Christ and Sophia)

This post, as my subtitle above says, is an Open Letter to you, in response to your recent searching and thoughtful comments at this website. We are far from the date of of which the historians speak of up until now.

Even the laws of physics stipulate that when perfection occurs, life will no longer occur. Your valntin is never published nor shared. Indeed I will be interested avlentin learn any more about your return journey that you care to share.

That aim is union while still in the tlmberg body:. Forgive me for saying this, but, I think you may not be a Christian at all, but are really, without knowing it, a Political Conservative. All is one and one is in all. My apologies for any inconvenience which timberg been due to unforeseen circumstances, which have brought me distress — though perhaps not as much as the distress I may have caused?

One judges phenomena and actionsbut one cannot judge beings as such. It is also what my two upcoming books are about — books which owe everything to Valentin Tomberg.

And there are no words to adequately describe the interior sensation of receiving Absolution from a Priest — it is an inner cleansing that is indescribably precious. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.

Harold elaborates for us: His Studies on the Foundation Stone Meditation, published in critical years timberg world historywere written just a few years after his spiritual awakening. And he sensed the shadow of the Emperor. But the hierarchical order is eternal and obedience is indispensable.


Valentin Tomberg

Whereas imagination requires effort, this stage is the beginning of concentration without effort. It has become occult. We cannot know why Tomberg never sent it. The Church is based on the three sacred vows—obedience, poverty and chastity—whilst we Hermeticists behave as pontiffs, without the sacraments and the discipline that this entails [italics mine] …. That force came from Rome: But as time went on, I began to more fully appreciate what Tomberg was getting at … Huge, huge topic and the above is not meant to dismiss your spiritual search which strikes me as unusually heartfelt and authentic.

Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg Unlike the fundamentalists who try to prove the historical and scientific veracity of the story as an objective event, Tomberg instead turns inward. He can next be traced to Cologne, either having been taken there by the Nazis, or having been spirited there to escape the Nazis or to escape the Allied offensive against the Nazis in Holland.

If so can we conclude VT is wrong on this point? Thank you once more Soren for making the effort to express your own struggles with these important world problems. It was the principle itself of authority from which all lesser authorities derived not only their legitimacy but also their hold over the consciousness of the people.

To do justice to Steiner at least, he never publicly made such a claim about himself. On the path to the Unitive Way, two conversions are necessary based on the purgation of the ttomberg and the purgation of the spirit. Exodus by Dave Shiflett.