13 Oct In the sequel to his New York Times best-selling (and not to mention debut) book, our editor at large Derek Blasberg asks the tough-as-nails. 13 Oct Derek Blasberg is back with more brilliant commentary on what makes a lady truly classy. With all the razor-sharp insights of Classy plus new. 26 Mar Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a.

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Im on my like page and so far i love it but i just need more time to read it.

Derek Blasberg at the Vancouver “Very Classy” launch – FASHION Magazine

I was even able to get through a whole other crucial lesson that the author Derek Blasberg, so importantly clzssy.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Good luck to the reader with the patience to actually ignore my comments and form their own opinions, but the author’s attitude is not appreciated for a 21st century time period. November 14, at bladberg I wasn’t a huge fan of the humor.

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

Putting that book on my must read list now! Blasberg currently lives in New York City with a dachshund named Monster.

All and all the advice in this book is mostly garbage. Jun 23, Karina Ruiz rated it really liked it.

He is also the founder of www. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Very Classy

However, upon opening it I was shocked to see pictures of Derek Blasberg accompanied with good-looking starlets everywhere, including the entire inside of the book cover. An Abundance of Katherines. It entails everything about being a well-rounded and cultured person, the importance of always furthering your knowledge and what you further it withand also focuses on setting yourself up for success. Yes, for a woman it would be better to be a lady if we want respect.


And if you’re one of those hippies who thinks shaving the legs is yet another clever way males have of subjugating women through the ages, you shouldn’t be wearing a short skirt anyway miniskirts are just another tool of the patriarchy, right?

I had a blqsberg of things to do. The pattern; as i’m getting more and more into a book, im become withdrawn almost leaving me feeling bittersweet because i am enjoying the book but i also feel gipped ckassy i’m not up to speed with what is going around me.

This book is blassberg funny – I highly recommend it for ladies young and old. While this is understandably annoying to some readers and to me sometimesI felt that this made him realistic and relatable I mean, who wouldn’t tell ev You must pick dereo this book knowing that it instructs you on how to be Blasberg’s definition of ‘classy’.

Do not be fobbed off by personal success or acceptance Kristine rated it really liked it Jul 08, I bought this in 8th grade and definitely read it thinking it contained the secrets to entering my young adult years with poise and grace.

Read it Forward Read it first. Not a bad start, but the tone is similar: And if you’re one of those hippies who thinks shaving is yet another clever way males have of subjugating women through the ages, you shouldn’t be wearing a short skirt anyway miniskirts are just another tool of cerek patriarchy, right?

Tata krama saat menggunakan telepon, berinteraksi melalui social media sampai dengan buku-buku yang harus dibaca. Are you kidding me?????

The Online Home of Derek Blasberg

I feel that while this book might have some valuable information for the modern girl hoping to become a classy, modern lady, it’s much to buried to help anyone clasys a short attention span. I found this quizzes pretty unnecessary but they might appeal to teen readers. I kept reading it nonstop just like the first book!

Apr 14, Natalie Boath rated it liked it Shelves: I have a big goal this week, i want to get through at least two thirds of “Classy” because i know we’re soon to get our assigned books and i don’t really want to be in between two books at the same time. Preview — Very Classy by Derek Blasberg. Although this is impressive, many ladies may not attend these types of events and personally, it made me feel alienated from the author instead of creating a bond.


All of the content I share is that of which I genuinely like and is not influenced by any other manner. This author seems like the type of person who bad mouths others behind their back and that isn’t classy at all. Please don’t read this book. I really love being able to see how many famous people in history and present I have qualities in common with.

I don’t think “Very Classy” will replace “Classy” on my gift giving list, but blwsberg those looking to read it instead of “Classy”, go for it. Blasberg poked fun at some rather foolish choices and faux pas, while providing constructive criticism, wise advice, and practical suggestions.

I agree with basically everything Derek says in his book, and although it is a cute read for us adults, I think teens could actually learn something by reading this – that so many of the celebs and socialites verh reality TV are just NOT ladies and should NOT be emulated. People from a socially disadvantaged background could feel a little left out in the recommendations, for instance I can’t afford air travel as a disability pensioner and am a carer so can’t travel away anyway without compromising my partner’s wellbeing.

Belle on Heels says: He THEN proceeds to call above-mentioned women “tramps. Preview — Classy by Derek Blasberg. What to wear at the airport.

Stay in Touch Sign up. And i am now i page Derek wants you to be the douche canoe who spend Bought bery book in a thrift shop in Michigan. All this while mocking the women who dress down because