The greatest advantage in knowing the difference between spirit and soul, claims Watchman Nee, is in perceiving the latent power of the earth-bound soul and. However, these phenomena all come from the latent power of the soul after Adam’s fall. We Christians must be very careful in this last age. We must not. 20 Nov Nee, Watchman. The Latent Power of the Soul. New York: Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc., (According to Nee’s preface, the book.

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Penn-Lewis became very suspicious of spiritual manifestations and is accused by some of being too quick to label certain manifestations as being demonic in origin rather than divine. Therefore, a portion of a book that has the search words in close proximity may have a higher ranking than another portion of a book that has a higher hit count but the words are not in close proximity to one another.

They only classify the more common psychical manifestations as belonging to the ne type-that of consciousness, whereas they group the extraordinary or miraculous manifestations under the second category-that of subconsciousness. His first discovery, made inis now known as mesmerism hypnotism as practised by Mesmer himself.

Again, those who had received Peter’s word on Pentecost were baptised and “there were added unto them in that day about three thousand souls” Acts 2. Miracles, therefore, I am not against. They think they have power; latebt they are only employing psychological power to win people. I am afraid many arrangements in these places are carnal. If the power has come from God-which is that of God’s Spirit-you would have felt light and clear.

There is a huge mosque in Mecca, the most famous place among all the Moslems. The central biblical passage on which he bases this idea is Revelation Look now at the powers displayed in Hinduism. Furthermore, it is vain; for whatever is of the soul and done by its power will end in vanity.

Review of “The Latent Power of the Soul” by Watchman Nee | Morgan Trotter

Their purpose is accomplished in the same way that the Moslems accomplished theirs. We have seen that Satan and his followers, the evil spirits, will buy and sell men’s soulish power in the last generation.

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Among them, there is the mixture of an improper power. As I had never before met this preacher, I said I dare not judge. To the practitioners of this science these many miraculous phenomena are quite natural.

How should we guard against deception? God commanded him to dress the garden of Eden. There are many recorded in the Bible; and they are most precious and extremely important.

Every step they tread is on red-hot iron; yet, they are not hurt. Since then, Satan has been enticing humans with their own “soul power”, seeking to counterfeit God’s work and thereby steal His glory. Therefore we must ask where does this power come from which is able to defy God and labour without Him. These are but the release of man’s soul force. In order to be effective, the method employed in the second instance must be more emotional and more stirring.

Penn-Lewis is also known for her controversial book War on the Saints in which she concluded that some of the spiritual manifestations which occurred in the Welsh revival were from Satan rather than God. One may think that in order to find appropriate words with which to talk to another person he must know the thought of that person.

I once met a man in North India, who had access to the highest circles of society in Simla, the summer seat of the Government of India, who told me one evening of his connection with the Mahatmas in India and in other countries of Asia. He has found, now and then, here and there, persons from whom he succeeds in drawing out their soul force.

By whatever names one may call them, they arc completely distinct in substance. Once he wished to test the ability of his Hindu friend.

The Latent Power of the Soul

It has turned to become a kind of “hidden” power. He makes the appointment on the basis of tire latter’s ability to take care of them. He teaches us to pray to our Father in heaven, but we Christians often pray to the God in our room. I can prove that something is defective here.


God wants us to send our prayers to heaven by faith, regardless if our feeling be good or bad, or even if there be no feeling.

Once I went to a village by the sea. How disastrous for believers to perform wonders with the same power which the Hindus use. This book explains that miraculous events that are not from God can be attributed watcchman the performer being able to draw from the latent power of the soul that God hid away after the fall of Adam. Nee also claims that in order to name all the animals see Genesis 2: What is the effect of such meditation?

He claims that Adam must have had supernatural powers, for how else could he have been able to tend to the Garden?

All those who have spiritual discernment and perception can feel that this is true. Your reaction to this work seems extreme since you couldn’t point out anything unbiblical, nor how it could directly mislead christians today.

All he can do is powed help the mind of people a little. It requires management and work. Some monks of high degree can even pierce the unknown past and predict the future.

Latent Power of the Soul

Man’s duty is to obey God. If the deeper work of the cross is lateht applied to our Watchhman life and by the Holy Spirit a real life union is effected with the Resurrected Lord, we may unwittingly develop our soul power. Friends, have you ever thought how immense the earth is?

As for us today, though, if we were required to merely sweep a lane three times daily, we would not be able afterwards to straighten our back. We should ask the Lord to give us light that we may discern.