The remarkable Clive Stafford Smith’s portrayal of the American judicial system is shocking and illuminating, writes Ed Vulliamy. An Atlantic Book of the Year and finalist for the Orwell Prize: a riveting true crime tale from the defense attorney who inspired John Grisham’s. Clive Stafford Smith. · Rating details · ratings · 23 reviews. A man wrongly condemned to death for murder, a crusading lawyer determined to free him.

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But remember, this is real-life!

The Injustice System

There is no guarantee that even if you can prove that you are innocent that you will be released. Sep 13, James Calow rated it it was amazing. It will change your mind. Stafford Smith concluded that, in trying to keep the torture allegations secret, the US authorities were “confusing national security with national embarrassment”.

As far as the main subject matter of the book is concerned: Several of them are witty, which helps relieve the tension, because if you don’t smile you’re definitely going to cry! As I was reading, I often laughed out loud, not because what I read was funny in an amusing way, but because it was totally absurd, unbelievable, like a tale from Alice in Wonderland or a justice system designed by Franz Kafka.

What really matters throughout the book is that this is killing as a matter of procedure. Clive Stafford Smith, who took on Mr Maharaj’s case pro bono after the original injustic, sets out why the original trial went so wrong and all the absurd twists and turns of a legal system that he says is ibjustice to ignore innocence. By the end of the book you are tearing your hair out, willing someone, somewhere to come to their senses and free Kris before either he, or his devoted wife, Marita, dies staftord natural causes.


Sep 15, Barbara rated it it was ok. This was a thought provoking read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Though the ztafford in question takes place in Florida, circumstances are no better, perhaps even worse, in Georgia and Alabama where I practiced. Dec 17, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enter Clive Stafford Smith, a charismatic public defender with a passion for lost causes who calls up old files and embarks on his own investigation.

Clive Stafford Smith

Stafford Smith relates, unsparingly, the barbarism of execution, and the gratuitous, procedural humiliations and cruelties America includes for the hell of it. The second, more interesting, way to read this remarkable book is as staffkrd portrait of a country we think we know and may enjoy or even love — of its judicial system, in particular, and its institutional fibre in general.

Step by step, Clive slowly dismantles the case, guiding us through the whole scaffolding of the legal process and revealing a fundamentally broken system whose goal is not so much to find the right man as to convict. The Life of Saul Bellow.

Een van de bewijzen dat de realiteit soms nog ongelovelijker is dan fictie. In addition, he has represented more than of the detainees held as enemy combatants since at ztafford US Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Everything All at Once. Published July 5th by Harvill Secker first published January 1st Holly rated it liked it May 20, Clive Stafford Smith The book is the strongest – pretty gripping actually – when Smith is recounting his investigation of the case and what it turned up.

Injustice: Life and Death in the Courtrooms of America – review | Books | The Guardian

Further reading went to show how wrong you can be. Mr Stafford Smith has always been a hero as far as I’m concerned. Emma Leong rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Clive’s descriptions of what makes it an injustice system, unfortunately, ring very true to me. This remarkable book reads like a page-turning detective story, with one crucial difference: Reading this book is a harrowing experience.


The government spends much more for the prosecution than for defence lawyers. He also highlights where the American legal system is flawed in all of these areas as well. The legal system is more concerned with making a convinciton, than making a correct conviction.

Smith had to wait until 27 August to publicly reveal that the hunger strikes had started staffkrd on 5 August This is a very well-written book. All the other cases he quotes are fascinating, if also rather depressing. That’s right – the word ‘innocent’ cannot be used in court! While it’s a depressing story, it’s also a fascinating one. More recently, Clive has turned a strategic eye to the other secret detention stafforr, including Bagram in Afghanistan and the British island of Diego Garcia.

It’s clearly written, well edited and compelling. Languages Nederlands Edit links.

Apr 02, Xroldx rated it it was amazing. Overall it discusses many important flaws of the law in the USA. Maharaj is doubly screwed by his cheapo lawyer — first by the weak defense he put up in the original trial e. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I like books with long Notes sections. It’s full of facts and examples of the way the system works or mostly doesn’t all woven around the detailed history of one of Stafford Smith’s clients on death row.

But the death penalty has become a theme whereby Britain can feel good about itself, for all the special relationship with America.