Sine the English version of Degenesis: Rebirth was released just now I have to admit that I have never seen a Pen&Paper-RPG into which. Degenesis: Rebirth is the second edition of the Degenesis table top RPG. It’s a post-apocalyptic game, set in a transformed Europe, years. An RPG with not one but two high budget live action trailers, that despite the heinous sin Spitalian diagnoses a specimen of Homo Degenesis with bad breath.

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It wasn’t long before they discovered the Primer, Sepsis and the Psychonauts.


And what do all of these jars contain, what are these mysterious substances that the Anubians imbibe? Their role in all of this was to take care of the Sleepers until the moment that they awaken, and to serve them as a loyal army. One of them has just recently made himself leader of a number of primitive eastern clans and dsgenesis a giant invasion towards Europe’s heartlands.

Geek Native also understands that conversations about an American distribution deal are underway. Short stories, background information and an extensive and lavishly presented history chapter lead the reader into the customs fpg agendas of earth’s survivors. Depending on its field debenesis origin, Burn can be used either as a combat stimulant or party drug, with the more bizarre varieties rgp offering people brief glimpses into the future. Rebus taught his followers how to farm and work the land, a much needed skill after the apocalypse, for this honest and simple life was a part of the path to enlightenment in his eyes.

Borca is the heart of what remains of European civilization, geographically including Germany, the Low Countries, and Denmark though the latter three have been mostly subsumed into the Stukov Desert formed by the dried English Channel.

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They infest any civilization that is formed and see it as their duty to leech wealth and prosperity out of it like a colony of demented parasites. The choice of Degenesjs is similar but also gives you a roleplaying focus. Through Bygone technology stolen from Europe, they have created an empire for themselves that spans the Northern coast of Africa, complete with an impressive infrastructure to support it. They innovated, collaborated and developed increasingly exciting ways of exploring the Stream.

Some travel the world, hunting down exotic beasts including Psychonauts whose carcasses would sell for fortunes or mapping out the furthest, wildest reaches of Europe. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. For example, you can spend up to three Ego points to boost your initiative. As the Eshaton came closer, Degenexis Group stepped up their survival plan a notch. Consider the European and African scrappers polar opposites. Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green January 2, 6: More worryingly, the Guerreros deal with Pregnoctics, Psychonauts with divinatory powers in the forests.


United by hate, the clans wage war under new banners, destroying the power structures that once held them at bay. These initiates are brought Back from the Brink of death, embalmed with oils and bandages that draw out the water. Ambrosia, they call it, the food of gods that renders them immortal.

Our final battle – a review of Degenesis: Rebirth Edition

So, the Hellvetics eventually decided to withdraw, hole up in their fortress and lock the doors. The Anabaptists also hold power in the area in Cathedral City, while odd Clanners excavate the ruins of the Bygone in Exalt.

Survive, though, humanity has done.

They make up the third portion of the triumvirate that runs the Protectorate. The Streamers scurried back to the Central Cluster, easily defeated. Any information they share is done entirely through mouth; they are an oral cult that does not dare engage in any sort of writing outside of the wood carving that they perform as a hobby.

East Borca is less civilized. The Streamers, who had re-imagined themselves as ‘Chroniclers,’ gradually manipulated cults and clans alike into becoming dependent on drafts, even in regions where the Chroniclers have no presence.

Degenesis Rebirth Edition – Game Masters

Pathfinder Steampunk Homebrew — Victor January 1, 7: Cults, clans and tribes are fighting for dominance in a world that is being reborn. A whole people are on the move to harvest the artifacts of the lost generations. When dgeenesis Pheromancers emerged and cleared away the insect plagues, uneasy acceptance came. The scrapper’s dream is that they will find an intact piece of rare Bygone technology that will make them richer than their wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, using Burn is a good way to flood the body with Sepsis, and those who use it risk becoming Leperos.

Along with that comes an introduction into storytelling, covert operations, and an vast chapter on the enemies that lurk inside the world of Degenesis. They live simple lives, making and mending clothes, cooking meals, milking goats and give birth to their Abrami’s children.


African resistance drgenesis Spanish mercenaries sparked the war between Hybrispania and Africa, two hundred years long. Devoted to a system of democratic values that was meant to have died with the old world, they defend other clans against any threat that they consider to be tyrannical and oppressive, whether it takes the form of bandits trying to steal food or Judges trying to impose their laws.

Asteroids tear into the Earth, in the near future, catching humanity unaware.

And so they did but while the Hellvetics still stick to their Doctrine, they are no longer xegenesis charity. The flood is unending, but a handful of sites resist; Anabaptists hold out in Brest, Rennes, St.

Of course, physical damage a real problem after the fall of humanity too and Degenesis separates out flesh wounds from more nasty trauma. The reality is that they usually just end up with sleighs filled with copper wiring, waste plastic and corrugated iron.

The number of missing circles represents the number of degenezis of his own wave that the Anubian has overcome, and his rank in the cult. The setting is really fucking dense rph all kinds of stuff, and you can easily run campaigns focusing just on any one of them without ever really running deenesis most of the others. Pollners infected by the Sepsis survived more easily in the winter; their children were adapted to Pollen’s frozen wastes, even as their bones deformed and their spirits were corrupted.

They became the Neolibyans. Other dispensers suffered worse fates and never had their Sleepers awaken at all when they were intended to.

They were the nation’s deyenesis, military personnel and civilian experts, everything that was needed to restore Switzerland after a potential apocalypse.

One of these nations was Switzerland. In order to strengthen their pack-bond while they’re away from Africa, they eat Psychovore seeds in order to rekindle their connection to the Eight. If you want a lightweight rule system, a sketch of a world and then some ruins to hide in, then this is not the post-apocalyptic RPG I would recommend.