Pdf Bangla Book Ekattorer Dinguli By Jahanara Imam. Download or read Bengali pdf book online. Ekattorer Dinguli is a very nice book by Jahanara Imam. Ekattorer Dinguli (একাত্তরের দিনগুলি) was written by Shahid-Janani Jahanara Imam. She was a famous writer and activist in Bangladesh. In this app you will get. Ekattorer Dinguli-Jahanara – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Ekattorer Dinguli was ekatgorer in Why did you decide to become a journalist? Something could have been done. Rumi was one of the most brilliant students of that time. Unfortunately it was not appreciated and we were beaten! We lived alone, except for a few hours in the early morning when he would stay with us and then disappear.


If you’ve enjoyed this interview, please support us by donating a small amount, or ektatorer buying some of our most recommended books from Amazon. His mother dies along the way.

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Ekattorer Dinguli By Jahanara Imam – Boier Duniya

Some Bangladeshis sided with Pakistanis and became collaborators. Nigar Hasan-Zadeh dingjli Azerbaijan Books. And they came to ours. When we enquired about the biscuits our friends told us that we would find a lot of biscuits at the compound.


I am very proud of my language but I wanted to pursue my journalism in English. What happened to Jahanara after the war ended? It is a novel about a boy called Opu growing up in a very poor family. Twenty years passed and ekattoer war criminals who killed her son and husband did not face justice.

Email this interview Recipient’s email Your name. Patrick French on India Books. He was a leader of the collaborators. And the father wants ekattordr be his boy, to enjoy youth again.

And there were many families with a Pakistani father and a Bengali mother, or vice-versa. The whole family took part in the war.

Online Bangla Book

This story is also set in undivided India and it describes how we came to be separated. Ekattorer Dinguli is a very ekahtorer book by Jahanara Imam.

Jeffrey Wasserstrom on Chinese Life Stories. Take the challenge of learning English and also take up journalism. During those war days these delicacies were unavailable.

It was a very complicated and intertwined thing and Tahmima portrayed these feelings masterfully. But when we joined all our supervisors had grey hair — and they thought we were no-good young things who had no real intention of becoming journalists. But due to the fate of his luck, the independence war of Bangladesh started and he himself rose for ekattroer to become a volunteer for the “Mukti Bahini” Freedom fighter.


Jahanara Imam is just one example of millions of sacrifices Bengalis in Bangladesh have done. This injected something into me to find a profession through which I could say something and protest against injustice.

I will make dinglui life difficult. After 63 years of separation, you will still find a lot of families going to and fro to find their roots. When the bombing stopped in the afternoon we crawled out of the trench — and to our delight we saw our friends munching on biscuits.

Dihguli Meghnad Desai on India Books. He had a heart attack during the war. We ask experts to dinghli the five best books in their subject and explain their selection in an interview. So I hurried back to find it, just as the plane turned and started to come again. She is an amazing character but you would find many others like her in real life — there were many cases of Pakistanis siding with Bangladesh.