Hex 40 overall Gia-Fu Feng translated hex 40 judgment by: RELIEF. WEST AND SOUTH FRUITFUL. IF NO NEED TO ACT, TURN AROUND. Southwest advantageous. Northeast not advantageous. If you have no direction to go, the return will come. If you have a direction to go, begin at daybreak. Archetype Deliverance. CR P02 C40 A In the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from the.

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Sometimes the context of the question can suggest that hexarama “vehicle” carriage is the oracle itself — you want it to answer a question you can figure out for yourself. Hrxagrama you have no direction to go, the return will come. The west and south are favorable. Happily, an awkward situation will be relieved by the arrival of a friend or friends. As the correlate of the ruler in line five, he is an officer striving to bring about deliverance and pacify the subdued kingdom.

On the border between firm and yielding there should be no blame. The above hexagram interpretation is part of iFate’s award winning free online I-Ching readings. Look-up any I Ching.


I Ching Hexagram 40 – Jie (Liberation) | Cafe au Soul

In the symbolism line one becomes the toe of line four. Liberation shows the trigram of Movement above the trigram of Danger — through movement there is an escape from peril.

In terms of the Image, thunder – electricity – has penetrated the rain clouds. You can gather the crowds around you.

The petty person withdraws. Thunder and rain — solution. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Confucius calls him a “promoter of rebellion,” hence: Voice of the Mothers Release the energy now bound up in the past.

I Ching – Sorteio – Imagick | i ching | Pinterest | I ching, Tarot and Taoism

There is nothing to fetter or embarrass movement, and hence when he comes forth, he succeeds in his object. Luck to prevent further suffering.

To continue brings humiliation. It is a yexagrama moment, an opening in time that combines release and good augury or blessings, an exorcism at the city walls. Partners will come in the end.

Though you are in the midst of great difficulties, have no fear. However firm hexagramx correct he may try to be, there will be cause for regret.

He is compared to a hunter who disposes of inferior men, represented by the three foxes. You are challenged to take appropriate action to liberate yourself from your fetters.

40 Deliverance/Liberating JIE

In any case, the Chinese additional commentaries explain that the passage refers to those who usurp privileges to which they are not entitled by rank or merit. The objective is to maintain a condition of general recovery. Complete unfinished work and stabilize the situation in an optimistic, calm and equitable way.


Deliverance means release from tension. Whatever is transpiring will bring renewal and calm to the inner landscape.

He will only tempt robbers to attack him. Dreams are destined to come to fruition. We find it difficult to regard the subjective experience of “I” as in any way secondary, as something through which some objective “other” — namely, a “not-I,” an objective psychic stratum — brings itself to experience as consciousness, as a focal point of the total field in terms of space and time.

Wilhelm renders this in a conditional sense: The man has obtained material goods and comfort and seeks a life of ease which does not suit his nature.

You have been able to assume a somewhat powerful position, which you do not know how to control. The symbolism suggests a conscious freeing up of inner tension.