This collection gathers poems from throughout Joy Harjo’s twenty-eight-year How We Became Human explores its title question in poems of sustaining grace. When Joy Harjo published her first chapbook The Last Song in , Native American How We Became Human collects poems from each of seven previous. How We Became Human has ratings and 35 reviews. This collection gathers poems from throughout Joy Harjo’s twenty-eight-year career, beginning in.

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Mason rated it it was amazing. Aug 02, Craig Werner rated it really liked it Shelves: A poet who wrote personally but without needing to explain herself after every poem was Sexton, whom Harjo mentions as having been an influence on her.

Feb 14, Jamie rated it liked it. Oct 22, Blake Carrera rated it it was ok. However, I feel that the endnotes are relied on too heavily to yow the poems.

How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems 1975–2002

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Feb 10, Patrick rated it really liked it Shelves: This collection of her work spans over thirty years; the reader can see Harjo’s transformation as both a writer and a person, as her writing is highly “Connectedness” is the word that I think best describes Joy Harjo’s form, themes, and content in all of now work, but especially in How We Became Human.

In “How We Became Human,” Harjo presents work brcame her vast oeuvre, presenting the reader with the chance to better understand the evolution of her style and her very self.

Published January 17th by W. They This collection of Harjo’s poems opens with an introductory essay that explains her emergence as a poet in the post-Wounded Knee revival of Native culture. Seeing her progression as a poet is also fascinating and huuman notes add nuance to the historical or personal context of the poems. While reading these poems, I had a sense of hearing a multiplicity of voices at once, a multiplicity which occasionally gave place to one identifiably Native American voice rising above the din of the other voices in Harjo’s head and in mine.

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At becamme best, Harjo is my favorite Native American poet and one of the American hkman I’ve returned to most regularly over the years. Mar 24, Cory rated it liked it Shelves: Want to Read saving….

Please read She had some horses separately and judge for yourselves! And though her writing is personal, I think that it’s still relatable. Considering the title, humqn “We” could be jo as a specific group of people, in the way that every culture has their own creation story, but I think that the “We” in this case is open to humankind as a whole, which offers anyone a way in to her poetry.

How We Became Human | W. W. Norton & Company

This collection gathers poems from throughout Joy Harjo’s twenty-eight-year career, beginning in in the age marked by the takeover at Wounded Knee and the rejuvenation of indigenous cultures in the world through poetry and music. Though I have never been to Oklahoma, I feel I understand it better now.

Women are struggling to find balance within place. It is longer, has sections, and is for her father. Secrets from the Center of the World It’s interesting to see a poet’s work evolve over time. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign hujan. Compassion is the first quality of a warrior, and compassion is why we are here, why we fell from the sky.

The earlier poems are more raw, as if she is finding her voice.

I love the tongue and cheek pun on how the mainstream culture tends to antiquate their culture from the influence of Hollywood. They also deliver a great deal of information on various Native American cultures and languages, which I found interesting.

I have internalized many of the lines from Harjo’s poems, particularly one from “My House is the Red Earth,” when she speaks of a crow, saying “he perches on the blue bowl of the sky, and laughs” It’s a shame that Harjo doesn’t quite live up to her influencer’s skill.


However, this urge to create poetry from the ingredients closest and most familiar to her gives a sense of intimacy and authenticity to her poems. Harjo’s collection of poetry, which spans over almost thirty years of her career, is impressive, not only in its density, but in the richness of the text.

I wondered, reading this bedame, whether there is a way for Harjo to remove herself in any way from her poems, especially as she has gotten older. Jul 16, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: The poems will drop a first name, and then the notes will explain who the person is, and without the notes, it is impossible to feel much of the effect of the poem, or even to find its theme. Many of the poems are strong in form and have a song-like rhythm. She Had Some Horses Distinct variation of poetic tools in this section.

It is interesting and enjoyable to watch her poetry harjp throughout her life. Joy Harjo’s poetry applies the richness of Native American myth to the often bleak conditions of modern America and its downtrodden minorities, including those of Native American ancestry, struggling to find hope and redemption.

She performs nationally and internationally solo and becxme her band, The Arrow Dynamics. She is a founding board member and treasurer of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation. Focus on the wind, silver, mountains. Prolly the coolest Native Writer I’ve met. There is a stronger sense of narrative and characterization. Some of these poems stay with you. But that’s a good thing.