The Top FAQs about IEC , 2nd Edition. The 2nd Edition of IEC was published in December, but our Intertek battery experts continue to. As the industry transition from UL to IEC began in June, , Intertek is positioned to serve the needs of lithium ion battery manufacturers who are. Second Edition of IEC The Standard for Secondary Cells and Batteries Containing Alkaline or Other Non-Acid Electrolytes is in its Final Review Cycle.

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Besides, the IEC standard does not cover the requirements of certification program e. Auditing Consulting Sourcing Training.

However, the changes being introduced on the cell level, the amount of testing and number of samples will increase, and the new Forced Internal Short Circuit testing will be added, thus potentially causing the cell suppliers to be slower to migrate to the new standard. The proposed Second Edition includes two charge procedures: This change is derived from the Japanese Li-Ion cell and battery testing requirements, and states that samples to be used for short circuit testing must be charged in an ambient that is equal to the upper and lower use ambient temperature: A component 622133 that is not transported separately from the battery it is part of needs only to be tested according to tests T.

Nickel system requirements will be covered in Section 7 of the new standard. Revised Charging Procedure Similar to the cell level charging procedure change, the battery level will have revised charging procedures, but this will jec affect a single test at the battery level.

The result is that the change reduces the required number of samples for testing from 31 for First Edition testing to 21 for Second Edition testing.


Completely New Requirements The most significant change in the proposed Second Edition of the standard is the addition of a new test at the cell level. Most of these are to clarify the need for the batteries to use the cells within the recommendations of the cell manufacturers. This section presents the procedures to be followed for the classification of lithium metal and lithium ion cells and batteries see UN Nos.

Second Edition of IEC | Industries | UL

As to artwork, we have to say there is no available artwork example as there is no artwork requirement in IEC standard. The modifications to the Crush test includes a clarification to the test specifying that the crush is only required to be completed along the wide side of the cell. You must be logged in to post a comment.

These are a little more complicated. January 26, at 4: This is consistent with changes taking place in other standards and is currently the common practice of most test labs. Only prismatic and cylindrical cells require iev test, and will only be required as a National Deviation for Japan, Korea and Switzerland.

How are they handled for CB Scheme certifications?

Understanding IEC Standard

Editiob a more positive note, the committee did take into consideration that testing done in accordance with the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Section These are explanations that have been needed for some time and should reduce confusion and variability in testing. November 9, at The change to the short circuit test is to include the more stringent charge criteria discussed in Part 1 of the article.

It allows for the fact that these requirements may change over time and permits for presentation of customer documentation to verify compliance. To get your copy, simply fill in the information below: Assurance Testing Edotion Certification.


Batteries The revisions in the proposed second edition of IEC will be less pronounced for battery manufacturers than those noted for cell suppliers.

They include a test that is not currently standard in the industry and has questionable repeatability. All of this is to be done under very specific environmental and time constraints to ief drying of the jellyroll. Part I of the article will examine the proposed changes for cells and Part II the proposed changes for battery packs related to Li-Ion products.

From 1st May,the batteries shall be additionally “gap” tested to parts of IEC Modifications to Existing Tests Modifications to existing tests are the second type of changes that are being implemented with the new revision of IEC A battery shall carry clear and durable markings giving the following information: The test procedure very explicitly describes a method that requires the test facility to fully 2jd a Li-Ion cell, then open it and remove the jellyroll.

Understanding IEC 62133 Standard

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Assurance Enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. Additionally, a termination criteria of 10 percent deformation of the cell has been added.

Whether your business is local or global, we can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world.